The Idea Girl SAys Youtube reaches 601,954 views! September 26, 2017 WOW! ALIEN Technology 6EQUJ5

The Idea Girl SAys Youtube reaches 601,954 views! September 26, 2017 WOW! ALIEN Technology 6EQUJ5

with 587 subscribers…

the idea girl says

happy dance! I am over my goal of 600,000 views! The next goal will be for 800,000 and then 1,000,000 views! 🙂

It’s taken over 5 years to get to this amount of views, with hardly any video uploading. I only upload the videos a few times a month. I used to do it everyday and got over 10,000 views a month when I did!

The work on the WOW! alien radio signal is coming along slowly. Due to the new research and drawings, where I combine more than one set of data to form a complete set of instructions. Than after I draw the keywords and how I see them in my mind, I write down the instructions (pen and paper) and then I have to type it up on my blog, add formula notes to the youtube video, and titles to the videos with keywords that pertain to WHATS in the video…. Alot of work for a hobby!

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STATS Alien Space Science News Photos WordPress 2429 views

the idea girl says
2429 low stats for a blog that has diagrams and sketches showing people how to build a UFO space ship engine…

most of the notes and videos get more viewings… not many though, some get 6 or 8 in a few months.. not much interest… sigh…oh well, I’ll keep plugging away on this project only because I feel like I need too keep going. It’s been almost 5 years!
2011 to 2017 wait… that’s almost 6 years????? lol

time flies don’t it!

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Stats Alien Space Science News WordPress 77,959 Sept 26, 2017

Stats Alien Space Science News WordPress 77,959 Sept 26, 2017

the idea girl says
just looking at the blog stats, I haven’t compared them in awhile, so I figured I’d better make a note here so I can see how much it’s changed in a years.
Working on the notes for Diagrams 490 and up, filming the videos, and doing research in a turtle fashion. I am busy with other projects this year, so this one’s taken a back burner. There’s alot of research to do because I’m re sketching some of my cramped diagrams. LOL
You can’t really SEE them properly…. I was in a hurry to get it done and then I tried to film my chicken scratch and realized it’s so puny you cannot SEE it the right way.
And then I had just keywords, and formula notes, with no explanations of what it is…. After many questions from people on youtube wondering what I”m doing, I decided to explain it step by step what the diagram’s trying to tell or show you…

It’s all about a UFO space ship design. 🙂

you can watch the videos on the idea girl says youtube channel, and see the blog posts on alien space science news on wordpress

you can see my sketches and diagram drawings on alien space science news photos on wordpress

77,959 hits on September 26, 2017

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Researching Ojibwe Chisholm Brocklebank Berry Willis Family Tree – Harold Vaughan Chisholm Linda Michelle Chisholm (Randall, TenBrinke)

Researching Ojibwe Chisholm Brocklebank Berry Willis Family Tree – Harold Vaughan Chisholm Linda Michelle Chisholm (Randall, TenBrinke)


herman james chisholm, herman walter chisholm 1926 - 2006  mary margaret chisholm  1927 - 1997nee brocklebank

herman james chisholm, herman walter chisholm 1926 – 2006 mary margaret chisholm 1927 – 1997nee brocklebank


herman-walter-chisholm-mary-margaret-brockelbank (berry) chisholm 2006-harold-vaughn-chisholms-parents

daisy-harry chisholm -linda-randall (chisholm family -christmas-photo-dec-2010

daisy-harry chisholm -linda-randall (chisholm family -christmas-photo-dec-2010

daisy-harry chisholm -linda-randall (chisholm family -christmas-photo-dec-2010


my-family- harold Chisholm (toy poodle Daisy), linda chisholm- timothy Tenbrinke, Jeffrey Tenbrinke-linda-randall-14-sept-2013

September 12, 2017

the idea girl says

Here we are 11 years later and I am still working on Harold Chisholm’s Family Tree information.

I’m going to do this blog post to make it easier for those of you doing research for Ancestry

The Chisholm’s started from the UK in the late 1700s and came to New York USA, and then they moved in different directions.

Some went to Manitoulin Island, others settled in Oakville, Burlington, St Catharines and Niagara on the Lake, these are the one’s I’ve found so far.

here’s the blog links (tabs at the top of my blog here)





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Writing Blogging WOW! SETI Alien Technology Notes Updates Monday July 24, 2017

the idea girl says

I’m going back over my WOW! SETI Alien Radio Signal Research Notes and adding instructions to the Diagrams 456 to 465, where it shows us how to build the UFO engine’s and transmitters for a super conductor which can and will be used in space travel and communication signals.

I’m also pulling up diagrams, and space technology data, results, and wiki quotes for the keywords talked about in the instructions so you can see the data that goes with it and it’s results from the five years plus of research that’s been done on this topic.

I’m having trouble pulling up drawings now, so I’ll stop blogging it today.  I did get Diagrams 457, 458, 459, 460 notes blogged today on Monday July 24, 2017. It’s an update from existing video blog posts, where I forgot to give the “instructions” on how to build the space ship based on the notes given.

It’s VERY detailed on what it says to do. Now I can combine the scientific data, with my notes, so we will build this UFO space ship. Hopefully the scientists from NASA will take a look at it, as well as other world wide space scientists, so they can all benefit from this “alien technology” that I am writing about.

When I was blogging it a month ago, I didn’t quite understand what book 2 was showing us.  It’s a set of steps to convert solar energy to electricity while flying in deep space.  It’s a form of regenerating fuels and energies in the space ship UFO design, so that we do not have to return to Earth.

I notice though the WOW! signal doesn’t talk about food preservation…. Nasa must already have that covered. 🙂

It did teach us how to exercise and build our human bodies for long distance space travel. It also show how to heal the bodies while in space as well. There must be a type of machine inside of the UFO space ship that will attend to all our human medical needs….

you can see more on my blog alien space science news on wordpress..


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