Christmas Shopping for ME – Thrift STores VAlue Village , Goodwill, Bargain CEntral – Fort Erie, Niagara FAlls Ontario Canada

Christmas Shopping for ME – Thrift STores VAlue Village , Goodwill, Bargain CEntral – Fort Erie, Niagara FAlls Ontario Canada
the idea girl says

what does a girl buy for herself when she has limited space to live in?
furniture of course!

It was something I still needed after moving into a smaller apartment with Harry and DAisy our toy poodle.

Daisy’s slowed down quite a bit, she will be 17 years young on December 26, 2016 – boxing day is when we got her 10 years ago so we celebrate her birthday on this date.

She’s a rescue dog, sent in five times, from different families. Daisy suffers from separation anxiety.

So what do I do for my dog for this christmas?
I buy her a $15 portable panasonic tape, cd, radio player!

We found it in Grismby at the second hand store there, along with a dehumidifier for $15 as well!Grimsby Benevolent Fund

WE found a nice radio station that only plays classical music and I find that soothes her for when we go out to do our errands…

In our new place we had a real problem with lots of water droplets gathering on our windows and the walls were damp and wet all the time. There was mold inside of the kitchen cupboards (I’m going to upload the photos in the future and blog about how I dealt with THAT problem!)

I had to remove my toilet paper from the roller because it was getting soaked from the wall sweating.

I read somewhere that mold doesn’t grow in a damp area where the humidity is below 50%. So I’ve set the de humidifier at 30 during the night time cheaper hydro costs (7pm till 7am) and then I up it to 35 during the day so it switches off and on.

Now for my living room, I got rid of the TV Stand – gave it to someone who needed one and I bought a six drawer dresser for $30 (delivery included)at Bargain Central in Fort Erie!

It holds my TV, my dvd player and it’s six drawers holds, hats mitts scarves in one drawer, blankets, sheets, pillow cases and my odds and ends books from my old office.

I found a 3 drawer cabinet that looks like a MINI file cabinet, it’s a nice brown wood, missing a handle on ONE Of the drawers, so I’m going to look for some NEw handles for it. I plan to use it as a storage for pens, paper and note books for my office area, which is my kitchen area lol

so that’s what i am buying myself for christmas. Furniture at bargains.

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Diagrams 380s to 390s UFO Engine Communication LASER Beam Signal Structures

Diagrams 380s to 390s UFO Engine Communication LASER Beam Signal Structures

the idea girl says
so far the UFO engine design is coming along nicely. WE have found out that it shows us how to build a long distance communications device. Now it’s showing how to set up the crystals inside of the crystalline Y structure UFO engine design and this along with diffracting laser beam signals is going to be used to transmit ASCII coded messages at ultra fast speeds from deep space millions of light years away from Earth in a matter of minutes or seconds.

the photos are being uploaded on this blog
and then I blog the formula’s notes and instructions on the other blog – alien space science news on wordpress🙂

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Writing Blogging Community Events Taste of Fort ERie 2016 Jarvis Street Music Concerts Food Family Fun

Writing Blogging Community Events Taste of Fort ERie 2016 Jarvis Street Music Concerts Food Family Fun

taste of fort erie 2016

the idea girl says
dancing mickey mouse, minnie mouse and the minion with donald duck, along with the crowds of tourists that visited Taste of Fort Erie 2016 on Jarvis street in Fort Erie Ontario Canada.

There was a fair crowd there. We stopped to watch Wild Bill shake his maracas as “the associates” play classic rock music songs to a dancing toe tapping crowd.

video titles are on idea girl canada youtube channel

Wayne gates Mpp taste of fort erie 2016

The Associates wild bill taste of fort erie 2016

New Central ave bridge fort erie 2016

Firemen taste of fort erie 2016 jarvis st

Taste of fort erie 2016 jarvis street

community meals also offer community news updates when you attend them

Fort erie community meal harold chisholm john

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Writing Blogging Travel Tourism Hiking Videos on IDea Girl CAnada Youtube

Sugarloaf marina splash pad port colbourne ontario

10 views 1 oct 2016

the idea girl says
we traveled to local spots to find places to go for a walk, a hike, or for people to roller blade or walk their dogs on a leash. We also found some fun splash pads where you can cool your feet off on a hot summers day!

here’s some of the video titles we filmed this month

Hiking trails HH knoll lakeview park in POrt Colbourne Ontario Canada

Splash pad pinafore park st thomas ontario

Decew Falls hiking trail cycling paths in Thorold Ontario Canada

Ridgeway splash pad fun linda harold chisholm in Ridgeway Ontario CAnada

Pinafore park playground hiking trail St Thomas Ontario Canada

Smurf sing along with linda ducks geese nf – on dufferin island in niagara falls ontario canada

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Writing Blogging Idea Girl Canada Travel Videos Youtube Channel REstaurant Stories

Chicken wing dip nachos trailsides ridgeway

10 views 1 oct 2016

the idea girl says
I’ve uploaded some of the restaurants we have visited

Trailsides in Ridgeway ONtario Canada
Harry’s Charcoal Broiled in St Thomas Ontario Canada
Cambridge Restaurant in Cambridge Ontario Canada

(local airport near the restaurant because Harry loves to watch airplanes come in and out of the runways)

Godfather Pizza in Dunnville Ontario Canada

Fort Erie Community Meal Suppers Tuesday Nights at the Fire Station on Central Avenue in Fort Erie Ontario CAnada

TATERS – it looks like it closed in crystal beach, sad to see them go!

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