Video Blogging Harrys charcoal broiled 891 talbot st st thomas ontario (519) 633-3713 Idea Girl Canada Youtube Channel

Video Blogging Harrys charcoal broiled 891 talbot st st thomas ontario (519) 633-3713 Idea Girl Canada Youtube Channel

3 views 13 sept 2016

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this is a favorite place for us to eat, so I got the idea to start video blogging all the different food items that we try on their menu.

This month we tried the 1/4 burger (fries, onion rings or salad) pop for $6.15

Perogies, buffalo chicken wrap, pulled pork on a massive bun (photos) can be seen on idea girl canada photo story wordpress

list of menu items found on this website.

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Writing Filming Travel Blogging Idea Girl Canada Youtube Channel

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I’ve been Writing Filming Travel Blogging Idea Girl Canada Youtube Channel Videos this week. We have gone on quite a few road trips since May 2016 and Now I’ve uploaded some of the hundred or so photos and videos.

idea girl canada photo story wordpress is where I post my photos and stories that go along with them.

idea girl canada wordpress I post the videos from the idea girl canada youtube channel, along with the address location information for the restaurants and travel destinations that we visit. I’ve added the phone numbers to the videos, as well as the blog posts.

This month we visited the Village of Selkirk Ontario Canada and found the lovely Sunflower Cafe.

We also stopped in to the Godfather PIzzeria in Dunnville Ontario Canada while on our way to Harry’s Charcoal Broiled in St Thomas Ontario Canada.

I filmed our “food” videos of the different menu options. Then when I blog the video I talk about why we tried the food, what it tastes like and what type of service we received from the waitress, cooks, and cashiers.

I talk about free parking, public washrooms, and rest stops for our travel ontario tourists so they will know where to stop and rest while on their journey along Hwy #3.

We also went to Port Dover Ontario CAnada and did some snap shots of places to visit along Lake Erie. This will be shared with thousands of tourists who enjoying the cycling tours along Lake Erie.

I can recommend a restaurant to stop at, where to find an outhouse or outdoor washroom and interesting events, and community news along the trails.

We also did some hiking as it got cooler in September, so I’ve posted those as well up on idea girl canada wordpress.

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Diagram 363 – 367 WOW! Signal UFO Vacuum Crystalline Super Lattice Walls Particle Colliding Energy

Diagram 367 WOW! Signal UFO Vacuum Crystalline Super Lattice Walls Particle Colliding Energy

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I’ve blogged several Diagrams in the 360s that show dielectric properties, how to add MASS to particles in the UFO vacuum particle accelerator engine. It shows how the cooled plasma uses negative and positive charges to modify the properties of particles that enter in between the two crystalline super lattice walls, or as I call it the “y structure” crystal graphite engine UFO design.

I’ve uploaded around 20 diagrams to blog this week, and I’ve been uploading the mini commercial videos for each Diagram WOW! SETI SIGNAL sketches.

I’ve added formula notes links so now you can see it altogether. The picture of what the keywords mean, and the formula notes that go with the diagram.

With references to any inventions or patents that go along with it. I feature them separately on alien space science news photos wordpress so that people working on those parts of the UFO engine design, can draw the engineering sketches for it.

We knew that the engine would modify the particles. Now it’s giving DETAILS on how it will do it. COOL!

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Writing Blogging SERIES Diagram 300 alien radio signal 6EQUJ5 videos

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I’m also blogging Diagrams 353 to 355 where it shows how to set up a long distance range of laser beam communication signals with the UFO engine’s designs.

you can take a look at those here:

you can find the link to those blog posts under August 22 2016
if you scroll down to the END of the page the link is there.

I see there’s been a lot less activity this month only 573 hits instead of the normal 1000.

I’ve basically been blogging videos with cross referencing data so I probably confused a few of the readers.

Sorry I’m trying to blog the new data research videos, along with creating a database of cross references to the LINE of data and the DIAGRAMS with the Lines, so that scientists can find the projects they are working on easily.

They just have to do a SEARCH on the blog for a certain keyword and it will bring up the data and videos related to that key word.

space communications

ie example

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WRiting Blogging WOW! SETI 6EQUJ5 Research Diagram Videos The Idea Girl SAys Youtube Channel

WRiting Blogging WOW! SETI 6EQUJ5 Research Diagram Videos The Idea Girl SAys Youtube Channel

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the weather is getting a bit cooler this week, so I’m enjoying so much more than it’s been most of this HOT HUMID summer heat waves!
every week it’s been above 30 degrees and it’s been hard to get out due to getting ill from the heat all the time.

But I am finally buckling down and today I’ve uploaded some more WOW! videos Diagrams 173 to 175.
I blogged the diagram videos 128 to 144 along with their formula notes so now you can see the diagram and the notes all on the SAME page.
I have a system I’m using, I put the LINE from the binary coded data so you know which diagrams go with what math equations.

Line 22 7b242

I”m creating a cross reference for you dear readers so that you can too do your research when you have time….

Diagram 144 WOW! Zincblende Crystals Unit Cell

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