Something I’ve always wanted…


since I’m text message happy I decided to write my story the same way, enjoy!

I love watching movies and so this week I finally bought a second hand surround sound system.

It’s quite a comical story for you to read, to me it was a LONG day.

First my friend was supposed to come over at 11 am to set it up.

He calls and says he wants to sleep in, fine, let’s make it 1 pm.

Then he shows up at 1:50pm.

I’ve done no work today because I figure we’ll get it installed and done in an hour.


So it’s 2 pm and my tummy begins to growl, let’s go for chinese food.

So we go for a great bite to eat, yummy not bad only $10.75 for a drink and all you can eat buffet.

Then I walk into the grocery store , see about 50 people lined up with only 3 registers open?

Say what!

Turn around, walk back out.

Get in the car, go to the bank.

Another line up, waiting, finally take care of bills.

Then go back to grocery store about 75 people lined up, forget it!

Run home and unload speakers.

Ummm where are the wires?

oh oh forgot them.

Drive across town to buddy’s place and look for speaker wires.

Of course he can’t give me the ONES that belong to the system I bought, he’s using them for his new one.

Argument, I’m not just buying a bunch of speakers, I need wires too!

So he pulls out wires of different shapes and sizes from out of his messy closet.

He buys a new system every 3 years so we have lots of wires.

Go back to my place, spend an hour poking around, yelling and having a hissy fit, he can’t see the holes in the speakers and gets all the wires tangled…

then finally he gets to the last one, where’s the speaker?

I dunno, you only brought 4.

There’s supposed to be 6.

I’m supposed to know this?

I don’t have time, I want to go out tonight.

Too bad, I paid you for the speakers I want my speakers!

He drives back to his place, and looks for the speaker, finds a missing wire.. and comes back to my place.

Can’t find the speakers.

Finishes hooking up one component to the DVD.

I’m watching TV tonight, not the DVD, so I have speakers for the DVD that I”M NOT using…

then he goes back home… four people call all at once, glad for call waiting and voicemail.

They all want to talk about my book – the power of the platform speakers on life, they loved it.

I’m grouchy, I apologize and say I’ve had a rough day…

We talk for 30 minutes about movies, then I have to go, phone’s beeping again, two more callers…

Buddy calling, i found your speaker!

its on the floor (where its been for the past 2 years) beside the tv….

yeah okay bring it over later.

I go out to the living room and there’s a big black ugly speaker sitting on my couch.

What’s that for?

He couldn’t find the missing speaker so he’s going to let you use this one.

But I’m watching TV tonight – pardon the GUYS are here to watch WWE Smackdown…

So I have wires all across my living room floor, mismatched speakers, and I still don’t know if they work.

Yep that’s what I’ve always wanted… a day of cayous 🙂

At least I got to have chinese food for lunch and ended up going to tim hortons for soup but they were out of it, so went to pizza hut and got a personal pan pizza for once..

Yummy Canadian pizza it’s the best!

Bacon, Pepperoni and Cheese with Pepsi.

So now I had a hot bubble bath, a house full of company and I’m hoping that tomorrow when he comes around again to bring the correct speaker, it will all work.. if not I’m going to pull out one of my gray hairs.. or maybe two…


it’s 954 pm the longest hour of my life HA HA HA


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