Being Sherlock Holmes – Lindsey Baum – Lyle and Marie McCann Missing Person Case

I woke up this morning with a few thoughts of some of the cases I’m working on.

Around 4 am it started and I rolled out of bed at 5 am to see if I could get my computer to work.

Strange it always seems to turn on when I’m doing an investigation, but anything else it won’t.  Very annoying!

But looking at the Lindsey Baum case I started on a google quest.

I also did some searching for Lyle and Marie Mc Cann as well.

I did find a few missing seniors that were found dead on dirt pathways and their cases are similiar yet police say there is no foul play.  I beg to differ.

The Mc Cann case is on

and the Lindsey Baum case is on

I do remote viewing visions, psychic visions and dreams, web sleuthing, google searching for key words and finally what I call my “sherlock holmes” power of deduction.

I’ll bet your wondering why I haven’t become a detective yet.

I don’t think I could stomach seeing a real dead body or someone with blood all over them (crime scenes) so there is no point in me doing that sort of thing.

I did try to go to college to take a course about 3 years ago but because of the brain injury I got from the car accident, I don’t think I could pass.

So I’m teaching myself how to be a detective in a supernatural way.

The remote viewing is new for me, public wise.  I guess I’ve been doing it for years but never knew what it was called.

As for the psychic visions they are usually dreams that I have from meditations.

I don’t sit down with a case and say okay tell me what’s happened.

I have a dream, I write it down and then I google the “key” words to see what comes up.

10 times out of 9 there’s something about a case, a missing person.

Then I’ll look for photos and ask Harry if he’s seen a ghost kicking around here that looks like the photo.

If he says yes, then I’ll do research on the case and tell whatever ghost is chattering in my ear that I need more info.

Some ghosts never talk, they just stare… and either smile or cry.

other ghosts will say random words to harry (he is learning how to talk to them now)

He used to complain about the people talking to him before I just thought it was his medical condition and didn’t pay much attention to it.

Then one day I was looking at Victoria Staffords music video in 2009 and Harry pointed to the computer and tells me that the little girls ghost was here in our house (another house we lived in)

I was pretty shocked about it.  I thought he was just loopy or something.  I used to think I was loopy in fact lots of people told me that before when I told them about my visions coming true, they laughed it off.

So it was hard to actually WRITE about it.

But lets see, when I got interested in the Victoria Stafford Case we were in Niagara Falls Ontario and I came upon a man who has the spirit of Zoltar and another psychic.

I’ve never seen these people in my life.

The lady psychic came over to me and told me I have a bright aura and that ghosts are trying to tell me their stories.

My jaw dropped, how did she know I have ghosts talking to me?

Then I said, what am I supposed to do?

She said, “Write a book about what they say and give into that gift you have, the universe has a plan for you.”

I was leery about it all…

So I did my little posts and felt foolish for about a year…

but then when they found Victoria Staffords body exactly the way I said it would be, and the name of the city was two words I had been given but didn’t know what it meant…

then I knew this psychic lady might be on to something..

So I do a mixture of the psychic investigations, remote viewings, common sense, and gut instincts.

I come up with lots of things and sure some may not be true or correct, but I’m trying to learn how this works.

It’s all by trial and error.

To err is human… so they say.

Eventually I hope to “fine tune” this gift I have and do some real “good” work with it, I’ll be super happy when my clues actually solve another missing person’s case.

My whole intent is to help the family be at peace and to learn to be a good writer.

I know you guys tell me I’m not focussed or I’m all over the place, my thought patterns race faster than I can type.

Maybe someday I’ll have a computer program that I can talk too and it will do all that “quick” typing for me.

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