Youtube Video Promotions Jamie Cunningham Curtis Drew and Deathly Hallows Photos – movie review – on my Idea Girl Entertainment Canada Blogs – Linda Randall

Youtube Video Promotions on my Idea Girl Entertainment Canada Blogs – Linda Randall

September 22, 2010

A collab made with Jamie Cunningham, credit goes to him for the audio editing, and the first cut of the video which you can see on his channel.…

dance in the dark album cover jamie cunningham music and curtis drew

the idea girl says

I like promoting Youtube music channels, arts, business, entrepreneurs on my various blogs and squidoo websites.

I have over 100 websites that I work on as a hobby.

My 8 daily blogs are random posts depending on what’s going on for the season, music, entertainment, movies and more.

I usually do a certain theme each day on all 8 blogs.

This helps me pull up my blogs on google and get those cute little gold stars beside my wordpress blogs on the first page of google when a search is done.

I usually blog about several different topics of interest on each blog when I have time.

That only happens on rainy days, when I am not writing a novel or if I cannot sleep at night and I get bored.

It’s funny when I do lots of posts my twitter and facebook followers drop because a lot of people think it’s spam.

It’s not, I just post alot.

People follow my twitter for new music, new artists and my recommendations to movie, music and tv producers to look at someone for their soundtracks.

If I see a hot song from an unsigned artist I will tweet and post a message on Linkedin, Facebook and Twitter for the entertainment, magazines, journalists to take a look at this “new” artist so they can do a write up about them.

I get loads of thank you notes on youtube because not only do I post these kids on my blogs, I also tell them what they need to do on their youtube channels to get more hits, or expand their coverage around the world.

Now this month I’m working on my LINKEDIN contacts for writing, publishing and editing.

If you are in a group, please invite me to join and help me expand my network.

Last month I connected to movie, music and entertainment groups on Linkedin.

So if you can assist me and help me connect faster ( I cannot add anyone until I am accepted by the groups I request to join)

This is part of my author’s platform, something all of you can learn from as I write about my experiences and let you know what the outcome of my “tests” are.

Next month I will be featuring publishing, self publishing, videos, interviews and travel and tourism info for my christmas shoppers, family and party planners.

So stay tuned to all the blogs for details.

If you want to see exactly what it posted check out the tweets.

I usually post each day from 9 am till about 4 am in the morning.

You will find 5 to 10 new things each day on every blog.

Squidoo gets updates every week on several of the 100 sites.

That’s all I can manage for now.

I’m still working on my business proposal for my new company idea, I have to do the research on it.

Later I will be creating videos about my experiences and posting them on youtube and on my blogs.

I would have done it this week as planned but I have NO music on this computer.

So I have to go to the library and pick out songs that allow me use of the songs.

Tip of the day UMG affililitaes and Madacy NEVER let you use any clips to their songs.

I’d like to set up something with these two companies so I can use a clip for a song and then youtube links the video to itunes and these companies make money off my videos.

That’s one of my ideas for the entertainment industry.

I make the videos under 2 minutes so the whole song will not be played, usually I post excerpts from the songs that sing lyrics that are related to the message in the video.

Dance in the Dark – I put that with Harry Potter to promote two new artists – Jamie Cunningham and Curtis Drew to bring attention to them and to make my “harry potter” fans happy campers.

I joined a yahoo group that sends me the latest news media and photos about emma watson, then I take the photos and make videos and post it on the idea girl says wordpress blog.

It gets lots of traffic that way.

Linda Randall

Idea Girl Consulting Entertainment Canada

You can see my movie review, and photos videos with dance in the dark at these links:

just a note my movie reviews are very unique I have my own niche with them, my own writing style, it’s very different from what people expect but that’s me – the idea girl – dare to be different is my motto 🙂

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