Keira Knightley sexy photos – Kelly Rowland – Commander (Extended Dance Mix) [feat. David Guetta]

Keira Knightley sexy photos – Kelly Rowland – Commander (Extended Dance Mix) [feat. David Guetta]

I spent the past few hours uploading lots of photos to various places – facebook, yelp, flickr and youtube.

That way the SEO search engines will find my photos, my blogs and rate “Enterprise Centre” as #1 on google ranks when someone looks for it.

It will bring up all my photos – my stories and my blog posts. 🙂

Smart cookie right?

not always!

Sometimes I find that Google doesn’t find it.

I add it to Bing URL Submit, Google Submit, Facebook wall, Blog Catalog and anywhere else I can plug the videos, photos and blogs.

It helps me get lots of hits.

Now when I post I’ll look for something popular with “enterprise” “business” and “centre” in the title.

Post the music, or videos on my blogs and wordpress brings up article posts with similar wording. 🙂

that’s the linny meister’s seo marketing tip of the day!

mikaslu | September 07, 2010 | 3 likes, 0 dislikes

Pictures of Keira Knightley. I Think Keira is amezing so i have wanted to do this for so lang time. I just did’int have the right song. And then this song playd in the radio, and it’s perfeckt 😀 She’s a role model for me, and that’s why the song is so perfeckt. I hope you like the pictures with the song and sorry the littel nood pictures..

Song : Kelly Rowland Feat. David Guetta – Commander
Pictures: Keira Knightley


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