YHSVH Chant to 528 Hz (Love Frequency) DNA Repair Meditation – The fountain of youth no botox needed


the idea girl says

this is a guided meditation with positive affirmations in it.

It brings health, life and healing to the soul.

It will also make your skin look younger.

Something to do with DNA repair…

I can testify this stuff works..

I also use Noxema every night.. that helps too 🙂

I enjoyed a few movies this week and will be posting a movie review soon.

I have to get the poster, imbd info, full cast photos, directors and writers profiles set up first.

The GRAPHICS and Costumes in the Season of the Witch deserves an Oscar!

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YHVSH (Yod Heh Shin Vau Heh) Sacred Chant to Solfeggio frequency 528 Hz, the miraculous frequency for transformation and DNA repair (the Love signal).

YHSVH chant by Jonathan Goldman with Sarah Benson, sound composition by Jandy AKA Jezebel Decibel.
Dual Layer & Editing by iamyourholiness.

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