DJ Dark Intensity’s Poker Face cover with Gaga voice-overs – Fan Music Videos For Writers Typing Tunes

DJ Dark Intensity’s Poker Face cover with Gaga voice-overs – Fan Music Videos For Writers Typing Tunes

CaptainUltimate27 | April 06, 2010 | 1 likes, 0 dislikes

All credit goes to Lady Gaga and DJ Dark Intensity. I just added some Gaga yells from 1- the Monster Ball tour and 2- her Gay Rights speech.



the idea girl says

great fan made video with photos and film projects mashed together on his youtube channel

I’ve been posting his projects on all my blogs today

I am impressed with his film editing and work

So I’m featuring him on all blogs and playing the “pass this video on” game.

What that is..

I find good youtube videos that have LOW views and send them to bloggers, twitter, facebook to help them go viral and give him tons of hits.

the best one that we did was for DIGITS

he went from 112, to over a 1,000, 000 in a few days…

now that was hilarious!

It doesn’t always happen that way, most in 6 months can get up to about 3,000 from the writers typing tunes.

See I post it for my writers, authors and bloggers that are connected to me on twitter

and I set up a new playlist every day , 7 days of the week

I write novels and screenplays (just learning of course) and I listen to music while working on blogs too

So I decided to share the talents of unknown artists on my blogs

and guess what?

some of them became famous over night.

So now people send me their original songs or fan made videos so I can put them online and get some “seo” traffic to them using certain key words

because my name and my blogs are on top ranking pages with google for music, movies and entertainment I put the names in the tags to bring other postings up for those categories.

Google affiliates – linda randall, idea girl consulting, the idea girl says, igc entertainment (new in nov 2010), the calamity girl, the munroe series with music, movies and entertainment because I always TAG the blog posts with those KEY words 🙂

It was my research that figured out how to Niche myself in the search engine.

It didn’t cost a dime and I don’t make a dime from it either.

I just blog for a hobby.

It keeps me busy every day with 12 daily blogs now and over 140 websites to work on, plus the novels and screenplays I’ve started writing.

My main goal is to help others get noticed in the music, arts, entertainment industry.

My blogs showcase their work.  I just post it where it will be the most effective for them. 🙂

As you can see this is my authors blog so I get to write about my projects here and do a sort of daily journal of my success and failures as a writer…

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author, writer, video blogger
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