Brandt Brauer Frick – Iron Man Electronic Jazz Rock Writers typing tunes blogging CMW 2011 Performers

Brandt Brauer Frick – Iron Man  Electronic Jazz Rock Writers typing tunes blogging CMW 2011 Performers


my poor fingers and hands are aching from blogging so much

i just realized I have a callous on my index finger from clicking on my mouse? LOL

didn’t realize there was so many types of music out there

interesting to blog 800 artists i’m on # 87.. and it’s feb 28.. yeah i’m not going to get all 800 done

that would take a miracle lol

filled out my forms for interviews today and setting up my guest list for the CMW event

I still don’t know too much about it but I was reading the website conference info

I guess its a teaching time for the bands as well as performances and award ceremonies.

WOW lots of work involved.

I am going to interview Todd Brown the man in charge of Canadian Music Week.

Not sure if were doing a youtube video format or just my blog yappity yap style 😉

will let ya know soon..

updating blogs and making a new bathroom modern style decor video for my student decor squidoo lens and idea girl consulting youtube channel.

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