the idea girl says wordpress is on blogger for now.

i decided to make a new place to put all my movie, book reviews and cooking videos along with music

the idea girl says blogspot for now until i find a place to put all the content from the word press blog.

my days are filled with physio for my neck, spine and head.

i’m taking it easy in the blogging part because I can’t sit for long without having problems.

i did manage to write up 15 point plot ideas for the NANOWRIMO challenge in november of this year.

whether i write or not, i will probably try to write some mini stories.

i figure if i don’t have to remember characters names and events from chapter to chapter i might be able to pull it off.

a short story that can be compiled into a novel.

i’ve seen it done by the books i’ve read and researched.

as long as the character learns something from each event.

i figure it will play out like a movie scene or screenplay (theatre setting in mind here)

where you have act 1, 2, 3 then a conclusion.

i have been reading a few books and failed to write my book reviews.

i’m so used to putting them on the idea girl says….

i felt lost this past week and very angry.

3 years of work, down the drain…

oh well, c’est la vie!

i’m putting some stuff on blogger for now, just to keep people happy

i don’t know if they will go over there and look or go elsewhere.

it’s a shame

i built up the traffic on my writers blog to about 24,000 views a week


and now… oh well… sigh…

i was down for a week about it then harry and i got the idea of making a blog with almost same name just different site.

so we’ll see.

i don’t mind blogger but they limit the pictures and space on their site so it’s hard to blog for free.

if i could blog, get paid and pay for a blog site then it would be a different story.

i’m not set up that way..

i just blog because I enjoy it and i wanted to create my “author’s” platform.

i guess i should have concentrated on getting my novels edited first lol

but that’s ok

maybe someday i can put them as a pdf file so you can read them on the new kindle book thingys 😉

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