The Best Of 80’S Music – (Vol 2). Compilation, pop, rock, dance, nanowrimo, writers, typing, tunes, manuscript begins Nov 1 2011 idea girl consulting

The Best Of 80’S Music – (Vol 2). Compilation, pop, rock, dance, nanowrimo, writers, typing, tunes, manuscript begins Nov 1 2011 idea girl consulting

the idea girl says

i’m busy typing up plots 1 and 2 and i’ve started doing the manuscript. I find it’s too hard for me to type late at night because of my meds, they knock me out for about four hours at night time. Then I’m awake in the early hours of the morning. I prefer to type when it’s nice and sunny. I find my best time for energy is between 11 am and 4 pm. With my new busy schedule I’ve had to modify my usual daily routine.

today i did some typing off and on for an hour or two in intervals all day long with lots of meditation and breaks to rest my back.

I used my new heat pads that i made all day and then relaxed and enjoyed watching the MUPPETS on WWE

( I’m going to have to do a video to show you guys WHY i made 2 sock heating pads and what i do for the body.. i’m experimenting on this edema problem i have in my legs and feet with the heat pads.. so far it’s working.. tomorrow i’ll try another experiment before i share my findings with you.)

funny as hell, I told harry they should be on there every week for comic relief. That show gets too boring and serious for me as a girl, I need something to keep my attention..

I like watching ANTM America’s Next Top Model but at times that gets boring for me.

Short attention span here, which is why I do so many different activities in a day.

I try to do a little bit here and there.

I scheduled stuff in but it all got changed when I realized I had a 20% off coupon for my hair dressers and it ended today!

So I rushed over and got some pretty blonde highlights in my hair

i’d do the whole head but the bleach burns my head and puts sores on it so no more blonde hair for me until they come up with a better product

for now i’ll have to accept my tin foil chunks of blonde hair instead 🙂

it was hard to wash the hair with my neck out of sorts.. i was half sitting up and had to put a hand over my face and ears.. it still ran down my back but they put an extra cape on me and towels to help with the problem.

I was embarrassed about it but they told me not to be. After all I’m paying them money to do my hair right?

Just let people know when you need something, they accomodate you.

I do need to get a t shirt that says DONT slap me on the back when you wanna say hi to me…
i had to flip out on a few people this week for being so stupid with that..

back injury, neck injury, hello!!!!!

oh well, it’s all good

i’m listening to 80s and pop rock artists from japan, sweden and russia all day while typing up the manuscript

so far in the past few days i managed to get 8000 words typed.. HOLY SLOW or what!

I used to do that in about 4 hours.. not 3 days lol

oh well i’ll be chewing at the bit to get this done.. i wasn’t going to do it. but im bound and determined to accomplish something in my life no matter how uncomfortable it is

besides i dream of being a published author (my own novels) someday i hope to get there.. in the meantime I’ll fart around blogging making videos and learning new things.. 🙂

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