2 MINUTES TO MID NIGHT / IRON MAIDEN ocrue metal, rock, writing, hurricane, earthquake, predictions florida, carribbean islands

2 MINUTES TO MID NIGHT / IRON MAIDEN ocrue metal, rock, writing, hurricane, earthquake, predictions florida, carribbean islands

Hurricane Earthquake Prediction nov 10, 2011 linda randall, the idea girl says youtube-storms-disasters squidoo for South Carolina, Georgia, Florida, Cuba, The Bahamas, Haiti, Domincan Republic, Jamaica

the idea girl says

tonight i’ve uploaded the 8 videos for my squidoo predictions disasters storms showing you how to find the data for ocean, sea, water, wave heights, temperatures while I blog a severe weather warning to the east coast of florida and all the carribbean islands in the atlantic ocean USA north america area

the storm could start here or go north

looking at tonights data at 2 am est it’s grown 5 times bigger since last night on nov 10, 2011 around 1 am est..

weather and news cannot report this until an actual storm or hurricane forms

which doesn’t give you guys much time to prepare

with the temps fluctuating that fast within 24 hours i’m also thinking we could see an earthquake over the 5.0 in this area along with the hurricane i saw in my dream, vision during a meditation

i can’t remember all the details about it, i’ve made 8 videos showing different types of data that can support a prediction like this

so you may not hear it on the news or on the weather channel just yet

but then again, the past 5 predictions all happened within 5 to 7 days and they all came true..

i started keeping track of it just to see how accurate the predictions were. i was surprised.

i normally jot it down in my daily journal (blogging) and tweet the warnings on twitter @theideagirl

to various agencies like #noaa #fema #fcc #nasa for them to take a look and see if anything is plausible from their end

i only use graphs and outdated stuff from several hours to do mine.

they have all the up to date stuff

i’m learning as i go along so this is a warning based on a prediction

if it doesn’t come true, then C’est la vie!

if it does, it’s going to be the worst storm in history for this area and many lives will be lost.. unless they prepare for it in advance.. get things ready. emergency plans, food, water and necessities you will need it

also if it’s as bad as the dream, you may have to relocate.. i know that sucks but look at the good thing.. you’ll be alive…

all videos and blog posts range from november 5th till november 11th, 2011 you can click on the calendars to see each post.. i break up each set of articles with our metal, rock, writers, typing tunes this week for our international nanowrimo writers…

the video blogging is on my youtube channel the idea girl says

big shocker over 9000 views in 12 hours on my new web tv show.. where I look for the asteroid 2005 YU55 in the sky (video taped it) and talk about space, aliens and ufo stuff.. i picked up some odd photos of a red round thing and something that looks like a UFO or weird thing in sky and that one’s on my other youtube channel idea girl consulting

and the photos, videos will be posted on my victoria stafford a psychic investigation along with ghost stories, missing person clues, cases, remote viewings, dreams and visions that i have and write about to see if they come true as well…

at time of prediction dream.. my clock said 111 so maybe 111 am est or 111 pm est.. may be when this thing strikes..

the other predictions all came true in 2 to 5 days…

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