my sons tim jeff tenbrinke baby photos up to 17 years of age posted on facebook

Linda Randall pregnant Timothy in womb 1988 thorold ON

timothy david benjamin tenbrinke age 4 months dec 1988 santa claus photo

timothy db tenbrinke dec 1990 grandma linda randall grandpa larry randall christmas time

the idea girl says

its been a long day and lots of work for me!

75 frames each with 3 photos in them scanned, saved, edited then posted onto facebook. I didn’t like the fact that after uploading i had to go back and open up the files, rename the pictures, copy what i’d written then paste it under each individual photo.. i started this project around 930 am this morning and just finished doing the first portion of it around 1100 pm.

i did have a bit of a break from 5 pm till 10 pm (dinner then watched the finale for x factor usa where my favorite gal ( i blogged her) Melanie Amaro won)

it was awesome show with loads of great talents singing along with our new super stars…

thanks to tim’s gf brenda she asked if i had any baby pics of tim. Then I remembered about 6 months ago i purchased a printer scanner fax copy machine and haven’t used it. I started sorting through about 400 or so photos and I’ve got them boxed into 3 categories. Kids, ME as a child with parents and dating kids daddy and then my third set is family, friends and people i know.

I’m having fun posting the photos on facebook only i find it’s quite SMALL on there. So i’m going to upload as many as i can onto my websites so that i have a good current family tree created online for future generations. 😉

we went for a nice roast beef dinner tonight and on the spur of the moment created a party of six to come to our house on new years eve… how did that happen? lol

i was going to try and go for a dance but then again i can’t move like i want too, not yet anyways.. but i can manage to go back and forth and side to side and dance that way as long as I don’t over do it lol

i’ve started on my glider machine again. so far so good this week 30 to 45 mins each day with an extra hour at least twice a week on my day’s off from working on my projects.

ive not been blogging hardly at all this past month.

I’m going to try and catch up on all those loose ends i started a year ago…

little projects that were forgotten. I’m relying on family and friends to remind me of anything I talked about with them, so they can help refresh my memory.

I can’t believe i forgot to do my book covers, my movie posters and then my scanning project.

I had that planned over a year ago.. and since 2011 is closing within 9 days…i gotta get moving and finish up this stuff so i can start working on the new career plans for 2012.

i’m still not sure if i’ll continue to blog and write.

I love writing novels, but i don’t care for the typing or editing portions.

I wish i was rich so i could get someone else to do all that type of work lol

it get tired so easily and between having a sore neck and back while sitting, i find it hard to read without becoming exhausted now.

so this is making me rethink my priorities.

i do want to be a published author but if this doesn’t get better i’m afraid i’ll have to take twice as long to do my goals and that will frustrate me (it already does to some degree)

I have my moments where it’s hard to formulate proper thoughts and come across in a manner where others can understand what I write.

I read my stuff and i’m going in little short sentences.

If I could write a book like a bunch of text messages.. i’d be a star LOL

timothy db tenbrinke 6 yrs jeffrey jm tenbrinke 4.5 yrs dec 1994 santa christmas photo

tim jeff tenbrinke linda randall harold chisholm dec 20, 2011 merry christmas card

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