From Festival of Lights to Aliens UFOs Mayas Planetary Location in the Star Systems

festival of lights pictures niagara falls ontario canada

the idea girl says

did some blogging, uploaded some video footage of our trip to see the festival of lights in niagara falls ontario canada along the parkway and clifton hill.

we had a blast for most of the evening. the end of it wasn’t so great but that’s another story …

today i did some more bargain shopping i find great deals on groceries and pre buy stuff for jan or winter stock.

i also uploaded the four videos and labelled them and then blogged them on the niagara region ontario canada wordpress blog on dec 27, 2011.
you can click on the calendar to see them or go to my youtube channel for the idea girl says.

after that i started doing some research on the pentacles of solomon, the numbers and star signs.

what a night!

after several hours I finally figured out WHERE to find a map of the sky.

drum roll….



i didn’t know it existed and i was pulling my hair out researching each star sign one by one….

in this program you just put the name of the signs you want to see and google sky pops it up in seconds!

i downloaded google earth 5 which supposedly has google sky in it?

i cannot figure it out and don’t have the time to do so

so from now on i go to maps, then google earth then in the search box.

type the words google sky and voila it pops up! 😉


so there you have it.

now i’ll have to video tape what i found.

i don’t know if i’m right or off my rocker with this one.

i know absolutely nothing about outer space…

i’m having fun researching all these words and numbers that came to me during a meditation to see if they mean anything.

linking space technology with astrology.

i am learning cool things as i go along

and even if it really isn’t an alien message but something that my mind drummed up?

i’m having fun learning about something that i really love and adore…

the thought of meeting an alien life form, to fly in a space ship and go visit other planets…

now that’s my kind of “journalism” job for the future 😉

i wonder…

do you think we’ll have jobs like that say in about 25 years or so?

note to self.. in… hmmmm do the math..

In 2036 i’ll have to take a look at THIS blog for dec 28, 2011 and see…. 🙂

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