Slide- Goo Goo Dolls (Second Avenue Cover) rock music live concert videos blogging youtube submissions igc entertainmentca

Slide- Goo Goo Dolls (Second Avenue Cover) rock music live concert videos blogging youtube submissions igc entertainmentca

the idea girl says

wishing everyone a merry christmas and happy new year..

ive had a busy week exercising and shopping i’m so tired… lol

from eating, parties, cleaning, starting my new years resolution to work out during my christmas holidays.

lots of good deals on exercise equipment at WINNERS at Fairview Mall in St Catharines Ontario Canada.

the BUZZ is that ZELLERS, CANADIAN TIRE and WALMART will start their exercise equipment sales in Jan.. for our new years resolutions….

I went looking for stuff on sale and each places sales gals gave me the heads up… lol

i was in line getting a tea..

and this kind gentleman let me go ahead of him

after looking at my belly and saying hello to the little one.. lol

that was enough for me!

usually i get a kick out of people thinking i’m pregnant but saying HELLO to one? lol

anyways i found some cool channels on demand cogeco

if you click on demand button go to sports than fitness

you have a choice of cardio videos then body sculpting (best one to start for newbies) the other ones i try and cannot do most of the stuff and all harry can hear is “oh god this is killing me ” comments while i try and lift up a leg then stretch my arms.

i picked the easy exercises and just march softly for the harder ones.

i was kind of pissed off with the oh shanti yoga dude.

he’s great.. for an experienced one.. but he’s too dam fast for a newbie.

and it’s a beginners thing.


so i’m following along trying to do this COBRA thingy and it’s KILLING my back right?

and then we get to some crazy pose which i don’t even attempt because i’m half dead from trying to flip this knee down and this leg out and he says…

if you have high blood pressure do not do this pose..

and this is about 10 minutes into THAT particular routine..

i’m like WTF!!!!

i’ve got high blood pressure and my poor ears were pounding like crazy.. so i stopped and just went back to my glider and said forget it for now for the yoga stuff…

then i went to the library and hit pay dirt…

we have about 30 choices for exercise DVDS

i grabbed 10 🙂

pilates for beginners this has core exercises

core exercises are good for people with back pain and in stressful jobs

it helps to build your trunk and spine muscles.. i’m not sure what i can do but as a rule..

i watch all exercise shows during my own personal workouts.

i feel like i have a work out buddy that way lol

and i can turn them off if the talking annoys me.. and just watch the different exercises.

i’m thinking of grabbing all those BOOKS i bought 2 years ago about exercises pilates and tai chi?

i’ll photo copy some of the poses and build myself a little program and post it on my living room wall.

oh yeah.. we converted half our living room into a gym area.

i’ve been wanting to move to a 3 bedroom so i’d have a gym but i haven’t found a new home yet.

so in the meantime i’m exercising and feeling so much better (sore and stiff when i wake up in the morning i walk like a robot but by mid day i’m sore but feeling it easier to walk around)

i am taking more pain killers with all this exercise

i’m hoping once the muscles are strengthened i’ll be able to reduce the pain eventually

so i’m twice as tired because these pills cause major drowsiness lol

so i’m a walking zombie when i’ve gone shopping cause i stand and stare at stuff for several minutes then i kind of pop awake again and yawn every 5 seconds lol

people keep saying you look so tired dear..

is the baby keeping you awake?

and i just nod and yawn and smile lol

i thought you’d get a kick out of me sharing that funny story with you. 😉

anyways.. so i have the dvd’s from the library


i got a new mp3 player from walmart for about $20.

i did spot a few on sale at canadian tire for $10 on the boxing day sale..

i’m loading my player with all sorts of cardio dance songs.

oh yeah.. i found turbo dance videos at the library as well in the next shelf down from yoga and pilates beginner, intermediate and advanced levels of videos. theres more than 30 of them.. 30 is for beginners like moi 🙂

so i’m going to see if i can do some of those.

i love to dance but haven’t been able too because i’m so stiff and sore and well i tried to dance to this exercise thing and my back was in agony ALL day from it.

so again.. strenghten those core muscles and then try a dance.. i can enjoy the music and watch the moves in the meantime while i exercise allieviates the boredom for me.

that’s my biggest problem.. i like something new constantly i cannot do the exact same thing over and over again it drives me batty.

which is probably by i cannot stand editing novels all day.. i have to do it in one hour to two hour spurts and interchange it with blogging and making videos.

in 2012 i’m exercising every day for 1 to 1.5 hours

i’m travelling around when i can afford it and i’ll be video blogging my adventures as part of my web tv show on the idea girl says

and igc entertainment canada

i’ll probably get around to making some look at this new celebrity videos for the idea girl consulting channel and then in the spring we will film some green cut guy cooking and gardening videos for harry’s little shows that i like him to do for fun

he does pretty good actually his videos get more views than mine lol

except for my alien decode messages videos those got around 200 to 10000 hits depending on the topic of interest

i’m looking at the mayas message i received and decoding it piece by piece.

during a meditation and i had sent them a message through the satellite’s with SETI or some other organization on dec 6 2011 and got a message back during a meditation that i’ve had fun trying to decode.

it’s ALL mathematical..

and this week i learned that they have an ANCIENT way of doing math, quite opposite from how we do it

and it’s very confusing.. and yet i’ve been doing it all along and found out why lol

so i’ll be making videos about all my research i’ve been doing for the past three weeks soon.

just no time or patience i’m frustrated with the math equations (math was my weakest of subjects in school) and then all the scientific data i’ve been reading is exhausting me…

but i’ve done it in bits and pieces which is why i haven’t been able to blog.. too exhausted and tired.

my eyes are hurting at night from the glare of my monitor sometimes i think i get eye strain from reading thousands upon thousands of documents trying to figure out the key words in them for the message they are trying to get across.

i have reading glasses and glasses to see with for far away and i cant stand wearing them

they give me headaches and pinch my nose lol

so that’s what i’ve been up too this past 10 days or so.. i’ve lost track of time..

imagine that?

me the blogger usually 4 times a day 24 hours a day and here i am 10 days later blogging on some of the posts. lol

i didn’t say much on the others.. i don’t have time..

anyways it’s 11 25 pm and i’ve been at this for an hour.. gotta go eat something, take another pain pill (my ritual 6 times a day very annoying)

and work on some more alien data..

only this one’s more interesting.

i found a WOW signal from SETI that was given to them about 30 years ago and i’m having fun decoding it’s mathematical equations

it’s amazing the stuff i’m finding from it.

mostly pdf files from various “space” topics on theories and scientists.. all who have UNKNOWN conclusions.. but put the pieces of the puzzle together and they have something and don’t even know it.. i believe.. anyways i’m putting the puzzle together for them and then they can have fun trying to make it. 😉

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‘Slide’ originally by the Goo Goo Dolls
From the album Dizzy Up The Girl,
Released September 17, 1998
Written by Johnny Rzeznik
Festival Records

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