80’s Medley Mega Mix – 20 TOP HITS 1981 10 minutes pop rock dance writers typing tunes wow seti lines 13 – 15 data notes photos blogged

80’s Medley Mega Mix – 20 TOP HITS 1981 10 minutes pop rock dance writers typing tunes wow seti lines 13 – 15 data notes photos blogged

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here’s how I organize my note book for writing about alien technology found here on earth.

Line 15 WOW SETI

UFO Spiral Object in SKY

Ancient Civilizations Cave Paintings in Xinhua Badain Jaran Desert China

Fourier transform spectroscopy Michelson interferometer measurements

Electron paramagnetic resonance (EPR) or electron spin resonance (ESR) spectroscopy

Earth’s magnetic field
elementary particle or fundamental particle

In particle  quantum mechanics, the spin-statistics theorem

WOW SETI Yevgeny Zavoisky EPR EMF ALIEN MAYA CONTACT Fermions Zero Spin Lepton Index

Bosons Wave Function Electron Atoms
Quantum Mechanics and Spin-Statistics Theorem

Black Holes and Thermal Radiation
Relativistic jets Galaxies Stars





Terrestrial Time (TT) is a time scale established by the International Astronomical Union (IAU)
Tycho-2 Catalogue

I look at the data and grab the “title” of each section and put it in my titles for the videos, tags and blog posts. That way i’m using key words and getting the maximum power from search engines.

I also pull out words from the data that stands out that can be mixed and pieced together.

all this data is in relation to building a faster UFO ENGINE for our space ships here on earth.

Sounds crazy doesn’t it?

Well based on the data I’ve gotten up to LIne 17 I know we can build a faster computer, learn the secrets of Neutrino’s and why they can travel faster than the speed of light. We’ve answered the question about if there’s thermal radiation found in a black hole in the universe (from unsolved problems list on wiki)

I’ve posted that unsolved list in line 15 and I’ll come back to it at the end of all data.

I have three segments.

My SETI ALIEN Message sent December 6, 2011 and the mathematical equation that came back to me a few days later in a meditation (in some sort of alien language)

Then the WOW SETI Alien Radio Signal 6EQUJ% that NASA received on a transmission of binary data from August 15, 1977. It’s sat dormant for 35 years with no one to figure it out. I decided to take a crack at it after it showed up in my alien message data (i’ll be shooting the film for that signal after I’m finished with the WOW SETI lines of data from 1 to 27 is all I was able to decipher so far. Most of the numerals 5, 6, 7 in the wow seti signal also are listed as Mersenne prime’s and since so many M’s stars appear in the data I’m wondering….

I’ll create a new video (just has this thought come to me)… just took some time to look up some stuff and paste it into notebook for future investigations.

anyways I was having fun (NOT) blogging all the data (there’s WAYYYY too much DATA)

I love the video blogging so much better!

It’s fun to find different photos on the internet and be creative with them.

I’m making up funny alien valentines and posting them on my blogs and squidoo pages for you guys to enjoy and get a chuckle from.

after i’ve finished all the data then I have to do a meditation and try and figure out what the WHOLE message means.

It’s all in bits and pieces and I know it’s something to do with a UFO engine…

the next video I’m blogging is going to be a new math equation given during a meditation on jan 22 2012.

I want to finish blogging all the data first from line’s 16, and the 25 videos that go with line 17…

OMG the amount of data with that section is crazy!

most of it is new government inventions, findings and data from 2010, 2011 and 2012.

it all came up in the WOW Seti math equations so it has to be blogged altogether.

the good thing is every 5 videos come together as a whole picture

I don’t know if that’s the MAYA way of writing, segments in 5?

I wonder if I can find that somewhere to back up my theory.

I get loads of data for the first three videos and then the last two of the 5 videos will EXPLAIN it all in images, diagrams and stuff.

Now I did a massive google search and used wikipedia for a lot of the data which I’m doing tons of quotes then adding the link with each so you can read the rest of the stuff unless you already know what it is..

the cool thing is that there’s a lot of unanswered physic questions that come up on the blog posts that I find and then I have the answer to them in the videos and in the data.

If I really took all the time to contact everyone I think it would work to our advantage.

I’ll probably do that as I go along.

I’ve sent several emails to NASA, SETI and other organizations that don’t bother to write back. 🙂

It’s okay I understand when you write an email that says you have a message from an alien they probably think you are off your rocker…

but …

for those of you in russia, germany and asia who have been kind enough to take what I write seriously I’ll bet you will build the faster UFO engine before they do in North America.

But you must remember the MAYA have given explicit instructions that this will be a world project and that all parties must participate in order for it to be successful.

Between the money it will cost and the amount of data I’m finding from various physicists from around the world you will have to work together putting your own theories and inventions together to make what we need to explore the universe.

I had a few hecklers in the first few videos but then it stopped once they realized i’m serious about this.

This is not a hoax.

All the data coming up is from government public files, universities and students working on tests and things for NASA and it’s New Millennium Space Program.

the fact that the “failures” came up and Lost satellite systems (a few here and there) and then the data shows how to FIX their problems.. (that FREAKS me out but it did) they will have to assign someone to look over the data and the video to piece it altogether.

I’m going to suggest that you create a new style of database.

I was doing a meditation today (2 hours) and I had this idea for you.

You input the data of ALL components that are built in a NASA space vessel whether it be a satellite (Kepler) or the James Webb Telescope.

Do a cross section of your data along with mine (key words only) and see what comes up.

Many of the components ive found from around the world have been invented in 2010, 2011 and you are CURRENTLY testing it and trying to figure out what it can be used for.

Even some of your theories are coming up as POSITIVE’s that they will work.

I look at it this way

A TEAM is in USA

B Team is IN Russia

but they don’t share their knowledge except at a conference which is what?

once every year or two…

And you only share the “key” findings.

now with all inventions there are failures.

you need to look a the failures as well because as history reports back in the 1900s , many of the failures turn out to be “new” and very “useful” inventions which of course create jobs, a new market and new gadgets for us to play with right?

the whole purpose of this video series is to extract the data from it that can be used to build a faster computer system (for your UFO engine) and to create a power strong enough to allow you to travel from one part of our Universe into another in record time with minimal expense.

we spend millions of dollars doing research.

while looking at the data I found that several teams are doing experiments and all are getting different kinds of results because they all used different methods in their calculations

which is great but your focusing too much energy all in ONE area.

You need to grab the facts from ALL sectors and create a massive database that all can use “public” and you take advice from all sources.

I’m assuming other’s have been given messages based on dreams, visions or alien technology and they don’t share it for fear of ridicule.

If Isaac Newton gave up or any of these other great men, we wouldn’t have half the stuff we have today…

so don’t be shy…
you got something to add video tape and blog it with data and findings.

let’s get something going like facebook has where we can share our knowledge.

then develop a team to piece it all together

i’ve provided the data they sent us

its up to you guys to put your heads together and come up with the formulas

now the latest alien message is just that

a velocity formula for jet engines to make them go faster

I’m waiting to post it until i have the notes caught up

I don’t even know if it’s going to help but based on whats happening somehow I’ve managed to tap into this universal knowledge base during meditations and I’m just going to blog it and see what comes of it.

I expect to hear some good news from NASA and other government agencies in about 6 months time.

I know this stuff will work.. once we figure out where to start with it all…

tommy lee jones independence day happy valentines from the man in black wow seti alien contact the idea girl says youtube

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