Megadance 98 – Megamix pop rock electronic writers typing tunes playlist the idea girl says feb 23 2012 video blogging wow seti

Megadance 98 – Megamix pop rock electronic writers typing tunes playlist the idea girl says feb 23 2012 video blogging wow seti

the idea girl says

many many hours in research.. filming for 1.5 hours and i get 4 views … so disappointing.. 🙂

oh well sooner or later I hope the views will pop up more on the idea girl says youtube channel..

i’m putting formula ideas for scientists to try and I have no idea if they are taking it seriously or not.

I wish someone would let me know..

this weekend we met a few people at the flea market and we all got to talking about UFO sightings in and around the niagara region.

one fella said they’ve been spotted flying down into the niagara gorge?

i’ll have to look and see if anyone’s caught it on camera

would be cool if you could.

i’d blog it 🙂

niagara region is bustling with loads of tourists this season..

i know each restaurant i walk by is full of people

oh wait

it’s income tax time and you guys are out shopping…

i like seeing all the adds in the newspaper.

more adds than news…

i can’t wait till they make a newspaper that doesn’t put black ink on my fingers..

did some video filming today, short and sweet

took some time off was losing my voice from talking so much lol

this music brings back fond memories

my go clubbing dance the night away days.. about 10 years ago

i used to go dancing 4 nights a week

it was an easy way to lose weight 🙂

rack Listing for CD
1. Various Megadance 98 (9:40)
2. Q.A. -Barbie Girl (3:15)
3. Alex & A. -Uh La La La (3:44)
4. Jans On Bros. -Mmmbop (3:59)
5. Black Machine Feat. Ronny Money- Jump Up (3:46)
6. C-Factory -Men In Black (3:43)
7. Noble Savages -Digging In The Nose (3:25)
8. Dru Daddy -I’ll Be Missing You (3:57)
9. Sqeezer- Saturday Night (3:56)
10. Stars Animals -Love And Respect (4:43)
11. No Smoking -Tubthumping (4:21)
12. Legend, The- One Headlight (4:09)
13. Korola -The Power Of Love (6:34)
14. Mar.Ko -Quit Playing Game (3:53)

CD 2
1. Mix Makers Feat. Oz -Round And Round (3:15)
2. Apex – Let Me Be (4:03)
3. Rec Five -Lift Me Up (4:19)
4. Object One -Typewriter (3:58)
5. Da Funk- Around The World (4:50)
6.Koolmatch -I LIke It, I Luv It (3:18)
7.Rosalba- Te Amo Mucho (3:19)
8.Katty B.- Love Shine A Light (4:27)
9.B-2 -(I’ll Never Be) Maria Magdalena (3:30)
10.Mission -You Are Not Alone (5:32)
11. Mr. John -Get It On (3:55)
12. T.B.O.- Tarzan Boy (3:44)
13. Lulu -Amoureux Solitaires (3:28)
14. Spanic -Suddenly (3:36)
15. Terminal- Poem Without Words (3:33)
16. Various Megadance 98 (Radio Edit) (4:07)

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