WOW! Signal Writing Typing Tunes Music Video Blogging Neutrino Formulas for a 5g UFO Engine IDEA

A through-going muon produces plenty of Cherenkov light in the Super-Kamiokande neutrino detector T2K tscan-pic-06-acs

read about latest test results and how to split neutrinos into 4 quarks using a collider (ideas based on scientific data found in the WOW SETI alien radio signal)

Line 18 a3z2b videos from #1 – 8 on the idea girl says youtube channel

WOW! Signal Writing Typing Tunes Music Video Blogging Neutrino Formulas for a 5g UFO Engine IDEA

stephen-hawking WOW SIGNAL SETI

carl_sagan SETi Search for Exterterestials radio signal WOW! aliens UFOS

DJ Nonstop 2012 Collection – MeoGiaVN

the idea girl says

new writers typing tunes for a minute or two while I wait for a few videos to upload

spent the day relaxing and having fun with my family

and then we decided to have some free time so I’m organizing the data from a new test result from T2K Neutrino Experiment Results and New PDF’s and technology ideas for the UFO Engine Formula’s

I’ve expanded the formula ideas for CERN NASA and Super-Kamiokande’s first test results in japan after that huge earthquake in March 2011

they are publishing the data and making it public

thanks for cooperating everyone and helping with this massive project i’m working on.

the data was for ONE film but it’s been divided into eight film scenes to make it shorter and easier to digest.

along with your data i add formula ideas based on the key words coming up in the WOW SETI lines of data

putting these formula ideas together should make the neutrinos travel even faster then your first set of results where they went faster than the speed of light.

i’m working on formula’s and blogging them for you to try out..

i hope you will work in teams with all the various testing fascilities and compare notes for this project

it’s a world wide work together kind of project idea given by the ancient astronauts from the Maya civilization that used to live on earth 3000 years ago…

I’ve had another strange dream and i’m in the process of writing up a story about it (i’ll make it fiction because it hasn’t happened yet)

then I might create a screen play idea in april during script frenzy…

i haven’t had the time to sit down and write and it’s too cold

i like writing out in the sunshine or on a bench at a park

for inspiration ideas.

i’m going to write a sci-fi thriller with UFOs aliens and other things in the story for entertainment reasons

i figure i only have ONE blog that doesn’t have any stories on it to read yet.

its my paranormal ghost stories blog.

all my other one’s i have novels on there for people to read at their leisure (nothing’s published yet I haven’t even tried to get it done either lol)

someday i’ll get around to writing a real book and getting it published (noted in bucket list i want to do this…)

as for the WOW SETI videos

it’s no joke

it’s all based on scientific information that I’ve found hidden in the actual ALIEN radio signal 6EQUJ5

yesterday I was surprised to find out I’ve only done a SMALL section of it..

i thought i had the full lines of DATA binary codes

i seem to half of 27 lines of data

thanks to the First photo I found about WOW in Wikipedia

i didn’t have the FULL equations

so the DATA is limited in what is coming up

during my meditation the other day i asked for NEW stuff

i was tired of getting 1960s outdated stuff that people tell me we cannot use according to them

maybe the aliens know something we don’t?

i figure there’s probably many “cancelled” project ideas that were linked to these obsolete programs


because they sent the signal before 1977 (Stephen Hawking or Carl Sagan seem to think they sent it 200 years ago)

that might be why most of the DATA coming up is in relation to things in the 1960s, 1970s and up..

there are new inventions patents coming up for 2010, 2011, and now data from 2012..

the next set of lines are based on the most recent test results published

found them while Google searching on key words in a comment electricity in the universe

is what I was suggested to READ

so i did and found the data i need to come up with a theory and possible test to split the neutrinos into 4 quarks

as I suggested initially that’s whats happening and would explain the disappearance of 50% of them during collisions in CERN’s and other’s data findings from 2006 to 2012…

were up to 33 870 views on the idea girl says you tube channel

i decided to make a separate video about the math equations found in the WOW SETI signal

i found Stephen Hawking and Carl Sagan’s youtube channels (most content is directly from them) so i’m assuming them along with other scientist videos that i “favorited” will come check out the videos and add their expertise to it.. i hope.. that would be awesome if they all did

so far i’m getting some very informative and educational comments from people in the physics industry

they are adding to the content found in the DATA with the most recent discoveries which is what i need

a chat about what can be used in the formula’s and ideas to ADD to them if you can..

or let me know where i can Google test results from names of institutions or names or titles of your articles if your a journalist or blogger that writes about the same subject as in the video

i’ll check out your stuff and add it to the data if it’s what i need…

thanks again for participating and helping me with this project

i appreciate all that you do…

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