Cpop 2011 Chloé Wang 汪可盈———Uh Oh pop rock dance music videos writers typing tunes blogging ghost stories psychic investigations WOW!

Cpop 2011 Chloé Wang 汪可盈———Uh Oh pop rock dance music videos writers typing tunes blogging ghost stories psychic investigations WOW!

the idea girl says

busy week for me

got a new seat for my bike it’s off an old bike the arse part is wider

supposedly to be more comfy..

NOPE.. still kills DA butt lol

Harry and I made several trips in the past 2 weeks to welland and toronto working on two psychic investigations.

we spent all our money in 2 weeks.. (oops. linny didn’t stick to her budget)

but that’s okay were going to keep busy going bike riding, exercising and working out at the gym to keep ourselves busy.

I’m also back to doing my travel blogging and writing restaurant and tourism reviews for my other blogs.

giving them some decent content for you guys to read for a change.

I uploaded some more WOW! videos for you to watch this week.

I do a few days research and go with 3 to 5 videos instead of 25.

I think I was overloading my subs with too much stuff.

The views went down quite a bit on those videos which doesn’t help with getting the UFO engine project working if no one pays attention to it..

oh well sooner or later the universe will nudge someone to watch it and they will spread the word around for me.

My goal is to get scientists working all over the world as a team to build a UFO engine so we can travel to mars within 2 months instead of 17 months.

Eventually I’m hoping that the formula’s will help them develop the technology they need to fly all the way to visit the Maya who live on Kepler 22b in the Pegasus star regions.. which at this time is over 600 light years away and impossible for us to travel too with our current technolgy.

I’m hoping to change all of that by sharing the alien contact messages and math equations I get during meditations from lord knows what.

I’m wondering if that was the Maya or the grey aliens on March 7, 2012 who supposedly are flying around the sun at the moment..

lots of theories going on about this traingle shape in the sun caused by a coronal hole.

I guess some ancients talk about seeing this triangle in their historical accounts and these aliens supposedly attacked earth..

the maya are peaceful so it’s not them.

It’s probably the grey aliens.. they like to do trades with weapon technology.. and maybe something pissed them off.

for the record the maya and greys are currently at war with one another, they don’t get along.. which is a shame. they could learn so much from each other.

according to the alien meditation they say that they fight just like the Israelis do with the Palestinians.. ancient wars i guess they never stop no matter how hard people try to bring peace between the two.

It would be nice if they would ALL stop fighting with each other and just try and get along… Maybe they are bored and that’s why they fight so much. I know many times it’s because of religious beliefs.. We argue here about that kind of stuff all the time. But we don’t actually pick up a gun and start blasting away because the other person refuses to believe in our point of view.

We agree to disagree. It’s very simple. YOu agree that both parties have a difference of opinion and you find a happy medium…

anyways it’s 355 am est and I’m just finishing up some blogging.

I intended to do this earlier but fell asleep while trying to watch a movie lol

all this exercise is making harry and i very very sleepy 🙂

plus my late night alien meditations and psychic investigations (we have ghosts appearing here asking for help and you know what time that is right? between 2 am and 4 am and also in late evenings around 8 pm till about 12 midnight.

it’s been grand central station. I asked Victoria Tori Stafford’s ghost to help find Mariam so we could find out her story and well Tori decided to round up a few more ghosts. Brian visited us three times and he’s brought a few people with him as well (ghosts).

Harry informed me tonight that we had six of them visit us! WHAT!!!

usually we get one at a time, sometimes two.

the only problem with ghosts is they drain out all your energy.. literally. and they make the house FREAKING cold!

I went for a walk in this 15 degrees with a winter coat, sweater hat and mitts on.. I looked ridiculous!

But I was freezing cold. Their back now.. standing on my left side and blowing cold air on the back of my neck.

I don’t think Victoria sleeps at all, she’s a cute little imp of a ghost.. Very chatty and likes to keep busy…

I’m giving her little tasks to do to keep her busy. I told her she can help other ghosts with their unfinished business if she wants.

I don’t know why i’m talking about this. You probably think i’m a bit batty.

I don’t talk to ghosts all the time.. Only if they ask for help to find their human remains or for help in getting a message out to someone..

Tori says that she misses her family very much and she’s ticked off that she can’t have her butterfly earrings to wear?

anyways enough of that..

i still have more “toronto” videos to make.

We found an awesome gourmet pizza place and I promised them I’d make a video (filmed a few shots while there)

I hope to get THAT done tomorrow unless of course it’s sunny and warm then ummmm

I must get out and ENJOY it before all this rain and storms come.

We have a XCLASS 5.8 storm on its way for March 17, 18th….

Not looking forward to this year.. it’s only spring and were already 15 degrees warmer then norm.

The sun will become twice as active in the summer due to heat and humidity

I’ll predict were going to have temperatures well over 140 degrees in our heat waves

it’s going to cause many people to die from heat stroke

I hope the air conditioning companies make lots of units this year.

We need new systems that use very LITTLE hydro so we don’t have any blackouts happening!

I’ll also be uploading four more WOW! videos from line 18a3z3d up to 18a3z4d…

now i have to rest i’m exhausted… again.. 🙂


thanks for reading my blog, i appreciate it!

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