Chinese pop 2 rock dance writers typing tunes music videos writing novels filming jokes niagara falls ontario canada travel time

Chinese pop 2 rock dance writers typing tunes music videos writing novels filming jokes niagara falls ontario canada travel time

the idea girl says

blogging some more j pop k pop c pop rock dance tunes for my playlist tonight.

I’ve been working on and off typing up my notes for outlines and novel ideas for my latest science fiction alien UFO project.

A fictional tale of abductions, adventures, archaeological digs and filtering in some old characters of mine from the calamity girl book series.

Rachel Tornquist, Sadie Johnson and Michael Ferreras are on a new adventure with some new characters.

They meet a blogger (moi as a new character called Rana Tourney) and share a new adventure with UFO’s alien planets and secret scrolls that they find in an old abandoned Iximche tomb.

As you know i’m working on the WOW! signal and decoding it. I thought it would be fun to integrate the true story in with fiction. You know I do that with all my novels right?

Can’t help myself. I got the itch to write and with Script Frenzy screenplay writing challenge coming up April 1, 2012 (need to register for it and haven’t yet!) I like to gear up my typing skills and writing skills before I start working on the screenplay.

I take time to write up a simple outline naming places and characters (saves time during the writing process). I like to make up my pitch and synopsis as well so I have a basic idea of what i’m going to write about.

Usually in ALL cases, I veer right off of it and go with the flow.

I do this little paragraph exercise to start my creative juices running.

I find it makes things smoother.

I also am going over my other screen play Forgive Me I’m not Perfect, to see how i’ve done the layout and refresh myself on the layout of the script and how to do the INT EXt scene writing.

I find as I do this every year it gets easier to create the short story.

The typing is the biggest challenge for me.

With an error every 2 to 5 words, it’s tedious!

I can’t press down on my computer keys and i misspell stuff because of it!

Oh well, I’m working on it and my poor fingers are getting swollen and tired out from it.

Last time I didn’t do a practice run and I paid the price with aching back, neck, head and hands.

I’m going to try and pace myself now.

I get up in the morning and type for an hour straight just to warm up.

I do outlines for paragraph ideas.

They are very incoherent lol

I realized that today after typing up all the notes from my one notebook.

unfinished sentences and it’s a base line of ideas of where to put the settings.

Because it’s ancient Maya grounds I know absolutely nothing about their history.

I’m taking the time to learn how to SPELL some of the places and the names of some of the god’s

Then I type up an ideas list of names of characters that I’d like to have in the story.

Once I get to writing I’ll just place a character name where I think it will fit, along with their career info and what they bring to the story.

I have NO idea what they look like. ( i do that during rewrites)

Like today.

I called my character Julie.

I cannot have Julie in this book, she’s in the calamity girl book. lol

So i have to do a new name so i picked something mystical and exotic sounding.

Rana Tourney.

I wanted it to be my other writers name Rachel Tornquist… but she’s one of the characters in the story and she doesn’t have any alien powers in the calamity girl books so i couldn’t use her for that purpose… so now I have another alternate ego to write about (not sure if that’s a good word to describe it).

Rana is a human but she has alien powers bestowed upon her to fight the bad guys and try and save planet earth. My heroine’s are usually female, strong, well trained and can kick anyone’s ass in physical and mental capabilities.

This one’s fun because I’ve got some “paranormal” ideas which i’ve cloned as “alien powers.”

I haven’t used much imagination yet because I leave that to when I really start to write…

My outlines are words and ideas and they don’t make ANY sense to ANYONE.

i think it’s the way my brain’s programmed.

I’ve gotten reprogrammed this way because of the art of TEXT messaging.

I did that for about 10 years.

As you can see my blogs are done just like a bunch of text messages.

individual sentences that don’t always complete a paragraph of thought.

Which is why “writing” is a HUGE challenge for me now. 😉

With the brain injury and this problem, I cannot seem to correlate the right thoughts together.

but that is fine.

I’m writing for other people who have brain injuries.

That’s why my novels are written the way they are.

They can read them and understand them, when other’s can’t. 😉

When you have a brain injury you have to only take things one thought at a time.

It’s too confusing any other way.

It’s like when you eat pizza.

You taste only the pepperoni at first, then the cheese then the sauce.

one at a time.

that’s about the best way for me to explain it to you.

brain injuries are NO fun!

You forget things, easy things like how to make toast or boil a kettle.

You forget people’s names, people you’ve known for ages.

You cannot remember your own phone number.

You get dates mixed up and book doctors two at a time at the same time..

i won’t go on.

Just wanted you to know it’s a struggle every day to deal with.

Some days are better than others..

Persistence is the key.

I refuse to give up my passion for writing no matter how badly it looks to some. LOL

deal with it:)

It may not be perfect but i’ll bet if you take a moment and savor each word you’ll get into the swing of things.

it’s just a different way to think. 🙂

I didn’t think i could do Nanowrimo in November 2010.

I did it. It took me many many hours to do but I got through it.

When I was at my peak before the accident i was able to write a whole novel in 2 days and type it up within about 10 days.

now it takes me about 14 days to write and while I write I take four hours divided up into 1 hour segments to type while I write to get it done.

Script Frenzy is easier, it’s only 100 pages whereas Nanowrimo is about 300 pages of typing.

I have gotten lazy from video blogging.

True i type “my thoughts” up for the WOW! SETI videos but it’s a sentence here and there…

this is paragraph after paragraph.

the screen play is scene by scene.

you have to write the dialogue then decide where the scene takes place.

I’m not very strong with character descriptions or where the places are.

I tend to say their at a CHURCH but forget to DESCRIBE what it looks like.

Then I get stumped.

So what do I do?

I google CHURCH 🙂

I look at a picture.

Then I write down how it looks.

I find that helps!

Today was fun.

The Niagara Regional Buses were free travel to welland, niagara falls and port colborne.

Usually it’s $5 to get there and $5 to get back.

I ended up spending $10 on bus rides in the city, usually it will cost me $30 for the two of us to get around for a daily trip plus food.

We went to Niagara Falls today and enjoyed some won ton soup at mary’s coffee shop.

I don’t know the name of the place, two Chinese guys run it.

It was super busy there at 1 pm!

I had a toasted western and a can of pepsi

(dieting and exercise have gone out the window, replaced by continual walking and hiking instead)

Then we walked over to clifton hill and i filmed some “jokes” for all of you to enjoy.

I realized I have this quirky sense of humor off camera and I decided to be my goofy self ON camera to see how it goes.

I’ve always wanted to create a comedy show of sorts.

I’d love to do a Punk’d type show with Ashton Kutcher.

I have so many funny ideas and pranks i’d love to pull on people. 😉

we’ll see if i can make one up.

I try to get Harry to do my pranks with me and he refuses too.

I have to find another comrade with a silly sense of humor and nerves of steel to do what I want to do lol

anyways i’ll be uploading and editing videos this week when I get a chance.

with all this nice weather i’m going for lots of walks with harry and daisy and getting a good suntan!

usually my travel videos are posted on IGCentertainmentca youtube

I’ll post a few of my paranormal and spooky joke videos on the idea girl says

all that wow seti data can be kind of dry and boring for some

so im going to post something entertaining for them

as for the psychic investigations….

we saw a poster of a missing boy from niagara falls today at the bus terminal

I think we’ll look into another local case if we can find out anything.

so far my local predictions haven’t come true one didn’t one did.

I didn’t do enough meditation or didn’t really listen to my gut feelings on it.

I let harry take over this time and now i’m wishing I had done a little bit more myself.

I’m working on teaching him how to tune into his abilities (slow going)

and were video blogging how we learn to do stuff

some people are just plain nasty out there and are threatening to kick our asses lol

my my they get hot under the collar for the silliest reasons.

I don’t know how police officers and detectives do it.

They must get threats all the time. at least they can arrest people

we can’t do anything until someone actually does it.

that is kind of lame isn’t it? 🙂

I never imagined that my trying to help would cause such a ruckus with people.

I’m still learning how to do this stuff.

I don’t have anyone teaching me, I do it all on my own.

I don’t read stuff about it because I want my gifts to be unique.

That’s it in a nutshell.

Maybe I should explain myself better in the videos and in the notes.

I’m video blogging my journey.

that’s it.

I never say i’m accurate or that I know everything because I don’t.

I’m learning, that’s all.

The same thing goes for this WOW SETI signal decode project.

I have no idea what it’s all about.

I’m just following instructions and video blogging what comes to mind.

I’m hoping it will mean something to NASA or SETI and that it will HELP them achieve their goals.

It will be cool if it does.

I was pretty excited this week when I found out that my formula for liquid argon gas is a possibility.

They had plans to make a nuclear reactor that uses Liquid Argon Gas. (I wasn’t even sure if the stuff existed!)

Now I know that it does, I’m going back over the “alien” messages and typing out the formula’s and putting them together slowly.

So many different projects on the go…

I get bored easily.

that’s why I work on about 10 projects per day, all different.

keeps me occupied and busy. 😉

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