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Victoria Tori Stafford gives me a message from the grave you gave my family a sense of relief when they found my human remains linda

source of another post blog i forgot about 🙂

Meital De Razon – Follow Me Home (Paul Vinitsky Remix) Techno Dance Electronic Writers Typing Tunes Novel Writing Organizing Tabs in One Note

the idea girl says

my titles are long winded eh? lol

i’m writing the novel today dividing it up into sections.

Wrote the 25 word and 200 word pitch for the novel portion.

I still have to do the same for the screenplay.

I have the titles figured out and outlines typed up.

And then I wrote the “pitch”

now what do I do?

I’ve added new things in the pitch that combine both stories into ONE pitch.

I wonder If I can use the same pitch for both since i’ll be combining the two when I write the FULL novel. 😉

we’ll have to see.

I had to rewrite it several times.

It took four hours to write a paragraph.

That’s how much trouble I had with trying to make it in story form instead of text message sporadic sentences that do not combine formats….

does that make sense? lol

today we had fun going hiking on Merritt Island.

I have 23 videos and 2 photos, maybe a few more.

Mario’s Pizza is fabulous kiddies!

You must go there!

I have a video coming soon with my “review” in it.

I’m learning from watching CI CI Li’s reviews on how to do it a wee bit better than I have been.

I hope Harry had the camera on correctly.

So many times I get him to “film” moi and he’s got the dam camera in standby…

guess what…

No recording!

which is why I always take photos of each place.

We plan to go back there and try the chicken wings since the pizza and it’s sauce (italian home made recipe) is soooo good.

And where can you buy a slice of pizza for $2 these days?

a few places in welland. 😉

Mario’s is right across from the welland transit bus terminal on east main st welland ontario canada.

we filmed nature pics, birds and willow creek trail?

i forget the name .. it’s willow something on Merritt Island.

I had fun with my two cameras.

One has rechargeable batteries (don’t last long) and the other uses batteries.

Good news!

I took the OLD camera into walmart and asked if the white screen could be fixed.

I had purchased a new camera because the old one wasn’t doing what I needed it too.

the gal there fixed my “white balance” on the camera…

ummm linny likes to play with buttons and see what they do..

then she forgets.. what she did..


i could have saved myself $180 camera and card if I’d just asked someone if it could be fixed sooner..

Live and learn!!! 🙂

tonight I was looking at updates on the Victoria Stafford case and Terri Mc Clintic’s testimony…

Is it me or is this gal constantly contradicting her own testimonies….

The courts are going to have their work cut out for them with Michael Rafferties case…

I can’t say much more but you get my drift, Terri’s testimony is key.

If it’s discredited in court then, Michael might get a lighter sentence and that just wouldn’t be right now would it?

I wont say anything more.

I’m looking at the testimony and comparing notes.

It’s important for me to see how accurate the remote visions, dreams and psychic investigation clues were in relation to Tori’s case.

Especially the segments where Tori’s ghost tells us HER side of the story…

I have a special connection with Tori.

She’s my very first psychic investigation “public” case.

Here we are 2.5 years later and now I’m teaching harry the ropes of what I’ve learned and all of you too.

I learn as I go along.

I don’t read “how to do it” books.

I did peek into them and put them down two minutes later, It was too boring for me to read. 😉

active mind here with short attention span…..

that of a cat?

is what i’ve been told. lol

anyways i want to prove to myself I can do something right.

sad but true.

It’s always hit and miss with this psychic investigation stuff.

I either hit it dead on… as in Tori’s case but hey I had a ghost telling me what happened….

To other cases where I hit a dead end and I’m WAYYYY off base…

thank god it’s only a hobby…

I do it to help people (try too)

and help the families find peace (ultimate goal with psychic thingy)

Tori taught me why it was important.

I have a video here where Tori corrects me in her own way.

It’s quite comical actually. 🙂

had to google to find it, the wordpress search engine on the blog doesn’t find things very easily (pulling my hair out tonight looking for old posts from july 3 2009 and july 23 2009 where I write about my dreams, visions and remote viewings of victoria tori stafford’s case.)

then i get a comment about a ghost found walking in this area in burlington and a girl has a photo of it and sends it in to me.

I blog it and a few days later a girl drowns in that area and a body is recovered…

today I looked at the standard after harry pointed out to me that they found a man’s body in the niagara gorge river by the maid of the mist dock.

guess what?

it happened again.

this is the 4th time i’ve taken “photos” of an area for some weird “psychic” reason and there’s always someone or some entity orbs walking around in the photo and then guess what?

a body or human remains are found.

here’s the girls ghost photo she sent to me, i reblogged the video along with her ghost in the red dress photo.

here’s the post and photos of where another body was found near the docks at the maid of the mist in niagara falls ontario canada.

I’ll have the video up soon too.

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