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The Aliens of Lamat and the Hidden Scrolls Script Frenzy Elephant Film Pitch by Linda Randall

Rana Tourney receives alien message during meditation

the idea girl says

I’ve blogged this trailer on three of my “writing” sites. I have it on the chick lit site the calamity girl wordpress because two characters from that series will be in the screenplay and they are mentioned in the novel (full synopsis is written!).

Here I’m going to blog some of the photos along with the my movie trailer for my screen play that I plan to write during the Script Frenzy 2012 challenge starting April 1st.

I have a small outline mostly with the names of places, settings and some of the characters names. Alien’s have to be done ahead of time, so many of them in this tale. The pitch doesn’t even cover this story which is a mixture of Independence day and Avatar style of screen writing. Which will make it full of surprises.

For the past year I’ve taken lots of time to study movies, tv shows and other people’s short story films (I get submissions from various movie producers, directors from youtube) to see how they do it.

It took me 8 hours today to rewrite this script HUNDREDS of times. 🙂

In fact the original script of 200 words was more about the novel (it’s my pitch for both) so I had to write a whole new one for the screen play. 😉

Originally I was going to overlap the two stories and make them similar.

But I figured that wouldn’t do.

I like to start fresh on April 1st and write a brand new story.

My outline is because it’s setting is in a country i know nothing about.

Sound familiar?

Yes Rachel does it again.

My fictional character Rachel Tornquist loves to travel the world and blog about it.

So of course while writing about this story I’ll have fun looking for MUSIC and cultural videos to go along with it from youtube.

Not only will I learn about the history and cultural roots of the area, it will help stir my imagination so that I can write a compelling story.

I plan to combine the novel (short novella) and the screenplay into a part three NOVEL series.

I usually do at least three novels for my mini series.

I like to have a beginning, middle and end. lol

Rana Tourney has an alien ZAKA living inside of her Digital+painting+Mayan+Princess

maya priest guatemala city

the lost library of maya itza - mayan codices prophecy dec 21 2012 LA Museum Randolph Hunt Carbon Dating 4th Dimension info Oct 30 2011 in5d Alternative News article

Iximche to Fork Camp Belize Google Maps maya underground tunnels leading to the house of turtles Uxmall Mexico turtles at CAKCHIQLIEI

pooks-cave paintings

roswell-rock-mexico-alien-symbols-for-sun-moon-eclipse-fold-the-rock-in-half-and-they-will-fit-heat-to-600-degrees-to-do-so rock fits in something and you turn it

Anastasia Kravtsova, left, and Q’eqchi’ excavators working on burials.by takeshi inomate daniela triadan maya archaeology maya sit of ceibal Guatemala

turtle-IMG_5364 mayan Puuc Maya site of Uxmal in the Yucantan

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