MUSICA DE LOS 80´S – THE BEST OF 80´S (DISCO) (PART 2) Pop Rock Music Dance WRiters Typing Tunes Travel PHOTOS OUTLINE

MUSICA DE LOS 80´S – THE BEST OF 80´S (DISCO) (PART 2) Pop Rock Music Dance WRiters Typing Tunes Travel PHOTOS OUTLINE

the idea girl says

well another day down to script frenzy

I have less than 24 hours to whip this outline into shape

i’ve got 45 sections so far with the new outline

events listed in order of how i want things to happen

I’ve created maps of where my characters will travel so I don’t mix them up

I check to see how long it will take them to travel somewhere

If it’s over 2 hours long then we fly!

My characters Michael Ferreras has his own private pilot Jake Ferris

Jake can fly an airplane (longer trips) or a helicopter.

I don’t have the names of WHAT he flies

I just use the word “Jet” “airplane” or “Helicopter”

Michael is pretty rich but Rachel is a millionaire and she funds most of their trips and invests in his movie projects

She actually owns many movie studios due to her late father.

You can find out more about their story in the calamity girl story series.

I have only a few chapters up to read on …

memory block..


that’s it

i post some of my novels on there and others on here.

I have about six novels and four screenplays that I haven’t published online yet.

I have to finish editing the rough drafts.

I always post my rough drafts for you guys to read.

I learn as i go along and I figure I will get a reading audience going this way

the calamity girl has about 450 readers.

the munroe series about 50.

And well the children’s books haven’t been put upline yet

I wanted to create an idea and videos for that site and I still have to learn how to make animations, cartoons for that blog.

Then i’ll get around to doing it someday…. lol

I’m still only working at half speed these days

I don’t know if I’ll ever get to 100%

I keep trying though hoping something will kick in someday and let me get back to warp speed for writing novels, screenplays

video blogging has been a pain this week

youtube is so stupid and i’m so tired i couldn’t figure out why on earth my videos weren’t uploading

i guess i did them ALREADY but put the WRONG SETI WOW title with the video and well it finally tells me after four days of trying…

“this video has already been uploaded?”


they really need an upgrade.

Let me at Em

I’ll give then some good ideas tomake that site fly like the wind

it’s so sluggish

can’t facebook dude buy it and fix it

he seems to know what hes doing

aggrivation and elation

I wrote to him eons ago asking if he could build a search engine that would work with key words

magnifico he has done it

the only problem is so many turkeys out there

yes i’m going to call you turkeys

your gobbling up bandwidth with TITLES on your facebook pages

with NO content!

so my searches are key and coming up with BLANKS


can’t they make some sort of rule

with title must go CONTENT

so i can find stuff?

I waste HOURS looking for little key words of what I want

I don’t have time to go through millions of pages…

I just want an answer

like NOW… HA HA HA

I’m a brat or what?

remember the OLD days

looking through 30 books on a table for a few words of text for that project

i felt like that today looking at my printed copies of my outline

i threw it down and said ENOUGH

and went out for about 8 hours…..

Then I come home

had my tea, donut and yummies

then a few bits of junk food

diet’s out the door this month

linny needs creative fat foods to stimulate her senses and make her a happy gal

I wonder how many inches i’ve gained back? lol

i’ll find out next week

i am exercising in different ways than before

comparison of notes

i’ll let you know if walks, swims and work outs are better then just a glider and yoga

I try to do all five things without restricting my eating habits

I wanna see what happens

I did the strict thing for 3 months and only lost 3 lbs but 7 inches

then harry who doesn’t exercise but cuts back on amount of foods loses 12 pounds

totally ticked me off

i was exercising 1.5 hrs a day and he loses the weight with NO exercise…

so i’m trying something different

got tired of arguing with him about the no pop chips candy rules

now i buy it all and he’s back to eating healthy

hello books

men are from mars ( i swear he must be)
and women are from Venus (ha ha ha if we could all be thin at the push of a button wouldn’t that be so much easier?) lol

i had some fun I told my dietician the reason i’m no longer trying to lose weight is this.

2012 is the end of the world

so why diet?

eat drink and be merry

for tomorrow we may die… LOL

unless of course a heart attack kills us first 😉

just a pun not meant to disturb anyone

but honestly i think heart attack is probably the quickest way to die instead of car accidents or diseases.

personally I’d rather go to sleep and not wake up if i was going to chose the How…

morbid thoughts..

i can’t help it i’m writing a DARK UFO Alien WAR type film 🙂

with so much action I have to MIND MAP it all!!!!!

i’d better make a note of which one i’m writing this time…

The Aliens of Lamat and the Hidden Scrolls

I got the video trailer made and i’m video blogging alien radio signals to celebrate the WOW! signal stuff which of course

in the screenplay and novel there’s truth and fiction mixed together along with Mayan historical key words and facts

I hope I get them straight

what ticked me off this week was reading supposedly “scholars” who write about the mayan culture

learn to get the SPELLING of the cities straight will you guys!!!

I went BATTy trying to figure out WHY isn’t it on google maps

BECAUSE they SPELLED the word completely wrong…

it wasn’t even close

unfortunately google maps doesn’t seem to have ancient city names come up on it


I’ll message facebook dude and ask him if he can do it..

he’ll get it done much faster!!!

and I’ll send him some ideas on how to make money with a free search engine.

they come to mind I send them where they are most needed.

since i love facebook and it’s faster than anything else

I wish he’d fix youtube’s problems

they are sooo slow for uploading

they should pay him to advise them *wink* 🙂

I sent a tweet to NASA and SETI this alien message on how to read their alien signals.. i wonder if it will work

hope they blog the answer.. let me know if it does.. it came to mind and well it’s not my USUAL train of thought

i grabbed an alien signal that came up in my research for my screenplay

an alien screenplay i’m not working on WOW and now they wanna bug me while i do that LOL

okay i sound like a fREAK right?

if you only knew…


i get this alien signal from nasa and they have a “download” this option

so I put some Alien messages in it along with answers these guys HAVE had come to them but still they don’t know how to decode them

which is why i’m taking my valuable time to try and figure out what the bloody thing means..

I figure if no one can crack the code for 35 years and I used to write my letters in code for fun

ask my cousin

we did it because my mom was a nosy goat

i was 12 and had my own little boy crazy gossip secrets to tell my cousin

so when I caught mom reading my mail i decided i’d fix her and make it all in code.

my cuz did the same and that’s how we made them fESS up that BOTH of them were reading our mail and comparing what we said

that’s how they kept giving us sh** for things we did but didn’t know they knew..


true story there..

so yeah I got a knack when it comes to computers..

we think alike 😉

i think i some how can integrate my electronic pulses with it’s bits of data

we become one every now and then and I cannot explain to people how i do things

i just do.

like fixing a 7 million dollar boo boo for what was that company called..



yeah their program needed changes so I found the glitches in it, told them how to fix it in 2 weeks and voila

they got everything working and running and started making back that money they lost

me ?

I didn’t get anything for it

well i did

a pizza and some beer

and that was .. about 10 years ago i did that little assignment…

for fun

i wanted to challenge myself

i shocked the hell out of my boss and the technical dept

the thing is this no education of any sort…

not about anything

in fact when I told them I was one of the FIRST public persons on a computer back in 1983 before bill gates made them into little computers they didn’t believe me.

I wrote a computer program for my school library as a project

it worked great.

I never took a programming course

i couldn’t explain how I did it..

to this day I still don’t understand it I just know me and computers can talk to each other..

here’s my video i made last night for fun…

alien radio signal is REAL it’s from NASA..

I wrote them a note on how to listen to it so they can understand what it’s saying 😉

some “thoughts” came to mind on how to do it.

i’d love to know if it works!

maybe the SETI@HOME people can come up with a way to do it.. they will need a program to decipher all their radio signals

another GREAT APP to make for facebook dude

he can sell the apps for $1 each so millions of people can pass the signals around and listen during the day while they are board

make an app that teaches them what to look for in a alien radio signal

millions of UFO lovers will like that!

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