달마시안 (DALMATIAN) – E.R (HD Full Version) Asian Pop Rock DAnce Writers Typing Tunes ALIEN photos Perigee Moon Videos YT

달마시안 (DALMATIAN) – E.R (HD Full Version) Asian Pop Rock DAnce Writers Typing Tunes ALIEN photos Perigee Moon Videos YT

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the idea girl says

full day under my belt… swimming, writing character descriptions for the Planet of Lamat (science fiction novel) – what it looks like and how the biodome and planet is laid out. Fun fun fun!

imagination is key when writing about aliens. These intelligent creatures are amazing in more ways than one. I can’t wait to see what we can get to work from the data in the alien radio signal WOW!

I’ve based some of the novel on that signal and how my fictional character discovers she’s somehow connected to the mayan ancient astronauts from over 10,000 years ago, visits the planet lamat and finds even more surprises.

Today I went to the library looking for the “genre” for this novel set.

It’s definitely considered to be hard science fiction (alien) sub genre.

Finally a novel I can sink my teeth into and write to my hearts content.

I’ve been busy hand writing things and tiring myself out.

I can only take it for an hour or two each day and then my hand cramps up and so does my back and neck.

I’m spending more time exercising to loosen up the muscles, it helps deal with any pain too!

I tried to edit the manuscript and forgot my notes are in the other room, somewhere…

this is terrible my memory is brutal and i’m going to have the biggest challenge ahead of me.

trying to remember everything… not doing so good with that.

I don’t feel like typing up all these notes yet.

I’m thinking on working on the first 63 pages of the manuscript, polish it and then send it to a magazine as a short story.

See what they think of it.

If they love it then I can continue on this project’s polish mode.

If they think i need more “writing experience” then I’m going to keep it as the rough draft, do the corrections and then post it online for people to read. 🙂

Then start on another novel.. I have six to write this summer.

I’m taking my usual “off travel time” and writing novels instead.

Something I told an old pal of mine today (bumped into him at the library)

caught up on six years of what I did he did etc…

and gave him the link to my youtube addy hopefully he shares it with all the people he knows.

I think they will get a kick out of it.. 🙂

his jaw dropped when i told him I’m working on an alien radio signal
his response was … GET OUT!!!


made me crack up.

it was a good response..

some people think i’m crackers when I tell them what I do for my hobbies and daily work loads…

I figure if this turns out to be REAL and it works…

I will be doing a dance dance dance all over the place….

All it does is bring together pieces and bits of DATA on earth, and use it to build a super duper fast space ship ufo engine…

yeah right..

the physics majors are having a hay day poking fun at me.

i feel like Einstein and bill gates.

they were RIDICULED for what they did and look at them now!

just saying .lol

anyways enough of that.

I’ll be making more “restaurant reviews” and posting them on the niagara region word press blog this week.

I have a dozen or so photos to finish blogging and videos to record for my web tv show on the idea girl says (youtube)

the music video idea… i’m going to wait for that one, my vocals are bad…

this lung virus i suffered from for the past year has done something to my vocal cords.. hard for me to sing for some strange reason.

i was humming tunes today in the pool while swimming and doing some water aerobics (my own ideas)

and got a chance to chitter chatter with fellow swimmers.

I think i’m coming out of my shell of shyness

i need too

if i want to be a published author I have to work on my “outgoing” social skills.

I have them, buried deep inside.

I used to be a real social butterfly around age 17 to 20 then I became a hermit again at age 39..

after mom and dad died, i kind of closed myself off to people

painful to deal with.

I realized while talking to said pal, the last time i saw him was over 7 years ago.. in between dad and mom’s deaths…

It was cool to see how much I’ve overcome in my life…

a journey that I plan to write about someday..

i wanna do all the fun fiction stories.. okay so i’ll be honest.. some of its real but if it told you which parts of it were.. you’d think ..

well never mind. lol

anyways it’s all good…

i’m blogging some more korean pop songs.. love the tunes.. can’t understand ONE word.

love the tempo and beats.

still not taking any submissions at the moment, busy writing and doing my summer acivities..

sunny days linny has to play outside.

today i was trying to kill ants.

they are so bothersome

pouring vinegar around the house and looking for some comet cleanser to mix in with it.

ants don’t like those two things.

I need to get another spray bottle and leave it down by the door
I spray a circle about 8 feet by 8 feet around my door

then i looked for the ants nests and poured vinegar down them.

that should make them move back into the garden.

lots of dirt for them to play in, they don’t need to be coming in my door, up my walls and into my windows

last year we were infested with the dam things and couldn’t open are windows!

this year I was able to open the windows..

so far so good.

hope they stay away… 🙂

the only person or thing that enjoys them is daisy

she chases them around and barks at them…

shes started barking at the birds now too.

they like our roof for some reason.

I think it’s my meditation music (nature calls)

it has birds on it and I realized the one day that this loud chirping bird was making lovey dovey calls to my CD. LOL

poor fella so disappointed … i stopped playing the cd and shooed him away.

I told him there a couple of cutie pies in the trees a few streets over.

i whistled and he followed me from tree to tree and then i introduced him to said birds.

now he lives over on their streets and chirps every time we walk by with daisy.

we also have some pet geese we call hanzel and gretel they come to visit and quack around our house and say hi 🙂

i usually give them a little bread as a treat.
I always assumed if mom or dad would be reincarnated they would be geese (dad used to feed them all the time at happy rolf’s farm. we went for a weekly walk or hike there, fed the birds and sat and listened to them while meditating)

my dad was big on it too.

meditating helps get rid of writers block as well.

focus on a picture in your mind of what your character looks like

then put them in a situation and write what you see…

it’s that easy!

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