Delta Club presenta: Franco Bianco [12-04-12] // Delta FM 90.3, Buenos Aires Pop Rock Electronic Dance Writing Hurricane Predictions

Delta Club presenta: Franco Bianco [12-04-12] // Delta FM 90.3, Buenos Aires Pop Rock Electronic Dance Writing Hurricane Predictions

the idea girl says

a nice sunny day today i’ll bet many of you enjoyed the beach.

this seems to be a story video that was sent to me with electronic dance music on it.


i organized all my written “character descriptions settings notes” today for around 7 hours.

i’m still not done!

I was so blurry eyed and tired from it all.

I used paper clips to put each section together.

The wind from our windows kept blowing my pages around… very frustrating.

I get too tired from typing so i tried writing by hand.. it got cramped up. LOL

can’t win! 🙂

it’s going to take me a long time to do it this way but i have no choice!

i did find it easier to start editing though.

I did it for about 2 hours last night on my computer (after blogging like till 4 20 am in the morning!) and it was easy to come up with a new story idea.

this daily writing is working in that regard.

I don’t spend as much time on the computer and I find it’s easier on my body and mind.

I had enough of working for 3.5 hrs, so went for a walk, did some exercise, had lunch then came back home had my tea time

with watermelon, strawberries and a bran muffin with this new orange citrus herbal tea (black) yummy!

i munched on that for an HOUR while organizing my notes.

i’m writing out a list of all the characters names I have written down (many without descriptions, a place to live, yadda yadda.) so i’m making 3 lists.. characters, settings for EACH character and a settings list.

sorry i have 5 lists.. the other two are things to do, research google list and a character birthdays, age list.

I discovered I kept changing the way they look, their names and how old they are.. lol

I have to get this organized!

i go nuts when I see the same error done three different ways argggggggggg.

before I was writing my paragraphs in three different ways, figured out how to STOP that from happening and now this!

I didn’t have a list on hand while writing.

I’ve renamed about 7 characters because they ALL had the same first name.. sigh…

late night writing.. hah

no actually it’s every morning i take some time to write and as you all know i’m NOT a morning person.

I wake up after tea time, and don’t fall asleep till after 4 am in the morning most nights (12 hours awake the other 8 half asleep)

last night i went to bed at 4 30 am edt after blogging some super storm, hurricane and earthquake warnings for florida, miami, mexico …

i’ve added to the list after putting all the data together, the possibility of a major storm sweeping usa from Oklahoma to texas , mexico to florida.. is very real.

all this weeks predictions have come true.. everyone of them.

now I wait to see how this 170 mph wind storm will develop over the usa.

i’m also blogging new concepts and theories about solar winds , particles from solar flares interacting with one another. it’s all based on my research into earth’s recent weather patterns.

shocker today on the weather channel, high point for temps at 115pm edt tomorrow with 8 to 10 UV ray index… burny burny!

but the 115? its always always ALWAYS at 3 pm .. tea time..

whats up with that?

2 hours off.. i have to figure this one out now.. but no idea where to start, too tired.. my hands are sore.. over and out.. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz


banging head on keyboard..;dlakjoi[pe;lje’o[ee


cannot type 4 another min. 🙂


you can read all my “weather” USA predictions here:

i also do global storms but this week’s it’s USA mexico florida and asia’s japan.. waiting to see more predictions come true..

nervous about what’s going to happen 29 may 2012.. 5 planets pulling on earth.. i wonder if the quakes will go over 6.0?

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