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Venus First Contact With Sun 5 June 2012 616 pm edt SDO NASA Live with the idea girl

the idea girl says

june 5 2012 was a busy day for linny!

all day I monitored the severe storm cell counts, solar wind speed fluctuations, earthquakes and created my own little data base about the Venus Transit Sun event.

watched it live on NASA EDGe and took photos of some of the important moments.

also took photos of each of the scientists and speakers during the 6 hour long show.

it was fascinating, well put together and colorful with all sorts of amazing “space like” graphics.

actual photos and data from the SDO telescopes and satellites.

a real learning experience about the event, the many years it’s been happening and who first discovered it.

i felt like i was in a science history educational class.

the cool thing is you can download it from itunes and listen to the podcast.

i captured photos of the first second third fourth contacts with venus on the sun.

i wanted to blog it along with the solar winds, the highest being over 763 km per second!

that’s a record for me.. my highest in the past year was 650 km per second during the perigee moon solar eclipse with the sun may 5th, 2012.

and there was another event may 20th, i can’t remember which one.

i’m taking it easy today and then back at this again from june 7th to june 9th, when all the nine planets align in orbits around earth, and the coronal hole solar winds hit earth’s magnetic field.

i’m having fun creating my own little reports and science experiments then blogging about it.

it was a bit of surprise the other day..

i filmed a heavy rain storm here and uploaded it to the weather network and it went on the TV forces of NATURE telecast!

so cool!

i watched it all day.

felt like a REAL film producer HA

i’ve uploaded a cool video today, i have venus transit the sun in my office!

this crystal dragon prism i got from a chinese gift shop, maybe it’s japanese.. i don’t know exactly (fairview mall geneva st st catharines sells them)

sitting along with my crystals on a shelf by the sunny window

during the first contact of venus sun transit i had nine circles and two bigger one’s show up on my wall

in the shape of the solar system..

with spectra colors of yellow red blue green in circles all over the room


it was like having a celestial event in my office

i filmed it and uploaded it.

i’m sure they will like THAT one because it’s so pretty and very unusual 🙂

as for this weeks, er should i say past 2 months predictions

ALL came true..

we had our usa super storm hit during the venus transits sun.

it did go across the gulf of mexico and created large hail storms in new orleans dallas texas and florida

along with many tornadoes.

so it happened.

everything happened.

my first guess for solar winds was 700 – 800 km per hr.. it came true

now with all planets aligning, massive solar flares went off the sun (no reports of data yet , they have lots to update)

i’ll be looking for higher wind speeds on 8th june 2012 when a major planetary event happens.

all NINE planets in the solar system are aligning in orbit in and around Earth.

I’m predicting a large catastrophe will happen, say earthquakes over 8.0 magnitude.

we had hundreds hit last night from 6.0 to 7.4 magnitude as of 10 pm edt 5 june 2012

i haven’t scoured all the data to see if we got anything higher.

venus transit the sun affects earth two days before the event and two days after (comparing my notes with the solar eclipses this is what happened during those time periods in may 2012)

so interesting things happened.

AIRL an alien from area 51 ufo roswell mexico crash in 1947, i’ve started reading her interview.. and weird stuff happened on my computer.

things popped up from wikipedia.. i began to google key words and it happens again. i find different conflicting information that is similar in “sounds” to what AIRL was trying to say. It’s possible (the nurse admits she could be wrong) that the pronounciation of words by diagrams wasn’t fully understood.

I’m doing a little project every once in a while looking at the words of AIRL and looking to see what is on earth in wikipedia and other blog alien sources (stories, documents, etc) to figure out what she really was trying to say.

the reason.

I really don’t want to tell you but here it is.

you know the aliens of lamat stories?

they are sounding very similar to her “interview”


how the “hell” do i know all this stuff?

is it a universal psychic tap into our memory banks?

or is it a voice that I hear every now and then, giving me suggestions, ideas and words.

so when I write AIRL says.. i mean it.

i heard a voice, it says this and that in my head and i blog it AFTER i search to SEE if it exists.

the alien messages in the wow! signal.. are from the serpent and grey aliens.

In my story I say they have a home base on mars.

AIRL’s account from 1947.. the grey aliens have a home base on mars..

that freaked me out.

then she talks about the number of aliens and descriptions

I had that too

now I didn’t really study the area 51 roswell mexico crash so I never read any of this stuff before.

even MAC’s in another story of mine.. before i read the accounts of what happened.

it’s almost like I was there, or something talking to me was there…

so far I’ve heard three different messages from three different aliens.

each message has to do with helping man with something on earth

the space programs

answers to questions from scientists that can’t figure out things.

i know the answers, i blog them with the data.

i have no way of knowing what is or isn’t correct.

all i know is this is cool
i love to learn things

i love science

and i love blogging things that I learn about

every single thing i blog is something “new” that I’ve learned on that day.

I don’t go looking for topics.

i do look for youtube videos for disasters and international news.

i like to let our international people living in north america know what’s REALLY happening overseas.

I find that the news networks are NOT reporting most things..

and that makes me wonder.. why do they want to keep the people of earth in the dark?

not to alarm them?

I don’t know

i don’t think it’s right and I wish someone would change that.

All I can do is post disaster predictions and warnings and try and save as many lives as I possibly can.

in the end.. i feel like i’ve done something good for mother earth 🙂

the idea girl


AIRL (she had a few words in there)

hats off to nasa edge telecast team.. while you did the venus transits the sun, the island of hawaii (they were 14000 ft up on mt mauna kea volcano) had over 28+ earthquakes happen 5 june 2012 – most happened during the venus first contact at 615 pm edt third contact just after 11 30 pm edt? .. it tapered down after that..

28+ Earthquakes Hawaii Island North Pacific Ocean 5 June 2012 912 pm edt Venus Transits Sun Increases Volcano Earthquake Activity

Venus Transit Sun First Contact 6 15 pm edt 5 June 2012 NASA SDO

usa super storm prediction comes true hail tornadoes severe storm cells 5 june 2012 first contact venus sun 635 pm edt

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