Liana & Ofir Cohen – Zabranena Lubov (Official Video) 2012 International Pop Rock Dance Music Writers Typing Tunes Playlist

Liana & Ofir Cohen – Zabranena Lubov (Official Video) 2012 International Pop Rock Dance Music Writers Typing Tunes Playlist

Liqna & Ofir Cohen – Zabranena Lubov

Producer: Sunny Music (2012)
Music: אופיר כהן
Arrangement: DJ Rossko
Direction: Nikolay Nankov
Lyrics: Rosen Dimitrov & אופיר כהן

the idea girl says

i was working on the WOW video uploads and happen to look for some new pop rock tunes.. found some new one’s from bulgaria!
love the scenery, clothing and pretty ladies and men in the videos.. it’s like a fashion show with light hearted , cheery music

youtube’s taking 81 minutes to upload 1 video from 11 30 – 100 am .. nuts.. nuts nuts.. im going nuts lol

i’ve uploaded a bunch from line 22..

OMG today I’m breaking down one of the lines of data… it’s over 70 videos for it!!!

i can’t make it smaller, its the research for alloys.

I don’t know anything about them so i’m googling every word that I dont know to find out what I need to learn.

this one’s the outer shell for the ufo engine design, the core sections, math equations and mixtures for high temperatures.

I uploaded the formula’s for splitting neutrino’s into four quarks…

Can’t wait to see if it works.

the predictions for tropical storm daniel and hurricane emilia and now hurricane fabio (yet to be named a tropical depression 5-E) has started forming on 11th july 2012..

expecting to see three hurricane’s now on the 15th of july 2012.

based on weather storm cells, previous hurricanes dating back to 1969 and ocean currents.

trying to learn how to forecast things better

if i figure it out, i share it on twitter with noaa, nasa and whomever comes to mind..

small mind here lol

I’m bored waiting for this dam video to upload.. i tried 3 days now.

and still have to edit it afterwards to add tunes to it.

it’s 8 mins long with my forecasts from mid june to july for severe storms hurricanes tropical storms depressions for pacfic ocean and atlantic ocean.. past, previous, current and future predictions..

forecasting the paths for the eye’s and rains , tornado’s and large tidal waves over 40 ft high to hit the west coast of USA..

they are brewing up a storm in the north and south portions of pacific ocean.. i’m watching the current’s data from ocean every day to see what the pattern is.

I figure out if there’s a mathematical equation in it and if I find one I blog it.

then send a link to that blog post to NASA and NoAA for them to check it out.

hopefully a scientist can figure out why it’s happening and post an article to enlighten me and you . 😉

it’s all good

not working on the manuscripts now.. i just dont’ have time.

im back logged with the WOW signal’s data.

I wanted to take a year to do it..

I was trying to cut it down to 6 months..

no can do…

it’s been 8 months already and i have 5 more lines of DATA to research.

how the hell i got 70 videos from ONE section is ticking me off lol

I wanted to finish it so I could start on the cross referencing portions , figure out the formula’s and reblog the new one’s along with crop circle definitions to see if the two mean anything mixed in with one another.

I have to look at other alien radio signals that nasa’s received and not figured out yet too.

I sent them an email asking them to BLOG all of them so i can compare them and see what they mean.

I get someone telling me those are only “radio” signals and don’t mean anything..

oh yeah.. i beg to differ..

i have over 270 videos that say otherwise…


i’ve spent thousands of hours on these videos, putting my personal life on hold, not having much fun doing too many things (usually i go here and there and i’m tied down to my computer trying to get this done)

and i’m not having any company to visit , minimal as i work on the project.

then this 70 video kicks me in the butt while i’m trying to spring clean.

my head’s spinning and i keep forgetting things.

makes life interesting.. miserable sometimes, but mostly happy and content..

i’m learning the weirdest things

finding treasures from all over the world and trying to piece them together.

i love GOOGLE.. it’s awesome…

key words are starting to form pictures now.

i had thousands of puzzle pieces and i’ve solved one of them this week in Lines 22 data.

I guess lines 1 – 22 are the get to know this stuff and line 22 is the defining moment.

If this is what I think it is, it will revolutionize our world for the better.

If this works, we will be able to travel to the outer limits of outerspace and wave bye to the Voyageur #1 that’s just getting there after travelling around earth for over 40 years….

imagine travelling same distance in 2 months instead of 40 years?

won’t that be a blast..

Pun intended..

can’t wait to get this working.

CERN managed to create the neutrino plasma required for this UFO engine.. and the formula’s came up in the WOW signal’s data.

so when you guys write to me saying this doesn’t mean anything..

You will find out, in the near future it’s got so much “alien technology” in it — it will blow your minds.. (in a good way!)

See i’m only video blogging my research…

I’m learning how to figure this all out..

Then I have to put the pieces together.. i use key words to do that.

now once i’m done, I take all the key words compare them and look for a pattern.

like I do with the hurricane’s.

if a word or set of numbers are repeated several times, than that’s an “important key word or number”

so now I note them as “key words”

and when i do the search on the notes and data base i’m creating in my head… i’ll be able to put them together..

Now I know why as a kid I played FISH over and over again.

putting together similar pictures..

i always win that game.. in record time 😉

it’s not boring for me to do this..

it gets tedious and exhausting because im sitting and thinking for hours on end..

i have to break it up with meditation, exercise, (little sleep about 3 – 5 hours per night)

and then all the other things i have to do..

which is probably why i have about 50 projects on the go and nothings’ done.

my goal in 2012 is to get the manuscript finished for book one of the aliens of lamat.. find a literary agent, get it edited and published.

It’s obvious there’s some sort of audience out there. the youtube channel’s up to 64,000 views now..

And I’m not even promoting the videos yet online… All i do is blog them with research notes.. in bunches..

usually i upload 25 at a time if I can, and blog about ten with notes research links etc.

there’s thousands of PDF files in there.

I can’t download them so I look at their key words and use that to figure the formula’s out with.

again word patterns number patterns, tend to groove with one another.

im listening to international music while typing.

i don’t understand the words, so my brain only pays attention to the beats and sounds of music..

even though i can hear the singing, i don’t pay attention to it.. i’m listening to the tunes while blogging and working on the projects i’ve got …

i’m behind by about 2 years…

spring cleaning was depressing.

i found RECEIPTS from 2006…

now that’s BAD! 🙂

I think my mom was right, she used to call me her little
“pack rat”

I kept everything.. literally

i have this habit of collecting and keeping all my receipts.

I threw some out.. and had a panic attack LOL

so… I’ve put them in a bag.. it’s sitting on the kitchen floor

i’m going to leave it there for a week..

once i forget about it.. I get harry to throw it out.. no thoughts, no anxiety.

i’m 46.. set in my ways.. and this little exercise is life changing.

i feel liberated from all those thousands of pieces of paper.

13 large storage containers have been emptied.

i had them in storage.. nuts?

no i just forgot about them.. 🙂

i was shocked to see them dating back to 2006…
i would have had them back to about 1999

but in 2006 i had a storage 10×10 full of boxes and stuff
i donated it to the diabetes association in memory of my mother..

she died in nov 23 , 2006.

i think about her lots and miss her all the time.

she was my closest best friend in the whole world.. literally..

and now i find myself trying to figure out how to make “new” friends..

not easy for someone who is shy, rarely talks to people or spends time with people..

i’m more comfortable being on my own..

i have harry and daisy if i want someone to talk too 🙂

and all the strangers I say hello too on my daily walks.

I don’t know their names, I just talk to them everyday..

can’t remember the names 😉

do you find you remember a dogs name more than a persons?

i can remember all the dogs names.. but their owners?

forget it lol

too much info..

this is what happens when linny gets bored.. she talks too much.. online lol

OMG upload complete.. 108 am.. yikes where did the time go

i’ll bet this is my longest journal post.. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

nite nite thanks for stopping by!

you can see this long winded 8 min video on the idea girl says youtube.


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