Tibetan Singing Bowl Meditation: Session 40 – Mayan Prophecy Dec 21 2012 Pacific Ring of Fire Volcanic Eruptions comes true 13 Jan 2013

Tibetan Singing Bowl Meditation: Session 40 – Mayan Prophecy Dec 21 2012 Pacific Ring of Fire Volcanic Eruptions comes true 13 Jan 2013

the idea girl says

several times while working on this data, i kept typing jan 18 2013… something nasty’s going to happen that day with the earth.

large earthquakes & tsunami’s will hit the pacific ocean (north and south) and indian oceans with large 7.0 + magnitude quakes.

tidal waves are at 25 to 40 ft now, before activity from full moon alignments with earth sun mercury and venus are happening this week, asteroids and comet’s coming close by too.

gravitational wave pulls are very strong during this time and solar maximus 2013 has begun

sun spots reached 166 so far this week, that’s really high compared to what it normally is, and the heat is showing in our temperature changes, jan 13 2013 we were at 16° Celcius – unheard of!

solar maximus has raised the temp from a regular -20 to +16 = 36° change.

earth’s axial tilt is around 36° as well and last of all

the mayan prophecy coincides with the ring of fire by the sun, a prophecy of what’s to come on earth – pacific ring of fire began in nov 2012, became even more active dec 21 2012 and now from jan 2 to jan 13 2013, 8 major volcanoes dormant for over 40 years are all activating spewing ASH at the exact same time, this is definitely a chain reaction of sorts

going on in the pacific ocean.

I mapped out all the volcanoes listed on the watcher blog and it’s all in the pacific ring of fire, comparing the global tectonic plate maps, shows the cross sections of 5 lines or more

these areas i’ve predicted the 7.0+ magnitude quakes to happen.

two from hawaii over to california in the pacific ocean, australia indonesia plate areas , japan china and russia areas are going to be hardest hit according to the data.

geomagnetic storm cells patterns along with hurricane’s and other major storms that hit earth, go from a 28 to 30 day cycle (28 days for feb I guess) based on this fact, i used a calculator to find out when it will be 28 to 30 days from the mayan prophecy for the ring of fire – dec 21 2012 where the world will change and 1/3 to 2/3’s of it could be destroyed by large tsunami type waves.

all areas are flooded now on the coasts, so that protective layer is gone, a large tsunami will reach further inland than it ever has before.  It’s best for all coastal areas in pacific oceans to be evacuated this year, yes this year, the water levels are going to rise 300 ft above sea level, so people need to move to higher ground to stay safe.

solar maximus is happening and will get worse, it’s jumping in cycles of 6 to 12 hour segments, we can see the patterns in the m class coronal mass ejections and solar flares, the earth always has a pattern that she keeps.

the mayan calendar stopped on dec 21 2012 because life changes for so many.

their people disappeared every 5000 years, or so, they would air lift in a UFO they built and go to another habitable planet.

Which is something were trying to do now – our news and politicians are urging us to vacate earth and go to the moon or mars.

I doubt those planets will be any safer than earth (personal opinion) but maybe they have a better plan?

who knows. I just know something bad’s going to happen. I can feel it in my bones and yes

for the past two days during meditations I keep seeing this rolling ball of fire (like a comet or asteroid) coming towards earth.

I’m doing my blue energy meditations and trying my best to deflect it, I managed to make the blue energy this time about six feet by six feet wide instead of 3 inches x 3 inches.

the clear quartz crystals help amplify it’s powers to generate a stronger magnetic field around the earth and to deflect solar storms coming our way.

prediction went out for a large cme x class to hit earth within the next 12 to 24 hours – so far we’ve had 3 m class flares (same pattern as in june 2012 – 3 flares than 2 x class flares 1.4 and 1.7 happened) the solar plasma is generating a connecting between several large sunspots (14 times the size of earth, as the sun rotates our direction) this is very dangerous

and we were warned to have our emergency kits ready for anything.. i advise you to follow those procedures and ready yourselves for a very nasty year of weather and storms…


see the map of volcanoes here:



see the dot to dot connections of volcanoes – pacific ring of fire – earthquakes 7.0+ magnitude predictions (jan 13 2013) for Jan 17 to 19 2013.  I think a major

catastrophe will happen on the 18th of jan 2013 – based on my constantly typing that number over and over again without even trying to…


see map of disaster and earthquakes to be hit:


people in those areas have to be ready to move to higher ground when told to do so…

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