Alien Technology Line 18 a3w5 Nanoscale Excited Neutrinos Metal Ions Sputtering UFO 5g WOW SETI gets top views 69 last week 300 views on YT

Alien Technology Line 18 a3w5 Nanoscale Excited Neutrinos Metal Ions Sputtering UFO 5g WOW SETI gets top views 69 last week 300 views on YT





the idea girl says

looking at the views, surprise there’s a new video getting lots of attention?

Not exactly sure why … but I have good news for all science,physic’s people.

I have a load of more formula’s for you all to try in line 22’s data, which will be uploaded this week.

it too talks about “ions” “metal” and xray laser beam ideas for long distance vapor communication device that I’ve found an invention for, and I’m modifying it for you so that we can try sending a message out to the kepler satellite and back in record time.

not sure what your at but I know you say in blogs it takes 25 years to millions of years for a message to go from earth to outerspace.

hate to tell you that it’s wrong, you are limiting yourself.

I have proof based on time lines, that your arecibo message was heard and a message was sent to earth in 1977.

The WOW! data is proving itself, now that 2012 has passed and the “age of enlightment” has begun.

Open up your mind to new possibilities. Look outside of the box of the norm, and let’s create some new math equations in 2013, that we can use for quicker space travel.

I’m still waiting for some books to come into the library, which I’ll be researching and trying to figure out what euclid equations are the one’s we need to orbit across outerspace instead of going around each planet to get from earth to pluto.

We can fly directly across to it, like we do with air planes.

There’s a way to do it, and the WOW data in line 22, shows you how.

Check out the formula’s, do the physics and blog your results.

thanks for helping me with my cross referencing project.

I cross ref earth’s data with the alien technology and come up with a formula for you to modify or try (one you’ve had success with already, so let’s add a few “alien thoughts” ingredients to your mixtures and come up with something even more fantastic!

Blog your results.. I keep finding them, when it’s time for me to do so. 😉

thanks for helping, sharing my blogs, and videos with people around the world.

I appreciate all that you do…

looking at recent blog posts.



are the keywords.. good they are in the latest uploads too (keywords).

new formula’s to try 😉

check out the video here:

see line 22’s WOW! data and formula’s here:

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