Number One Hits 1991-1999 20 min playlist

Number One Hits 1991-1999 20 min playlist



the idea girl says

jan 16 2013

filming research from jan 14 2013 wow alien radio signal data.

this weeks about bendable metal formula’s, deep space long distance communication water vapor formulas and mixtures for the super alloys and ligands, proteins needed for the metals for the CORE and  UFO structures and designs.

It also talks about hydrogen + ions + laser beams + xrays + crystal lattice structures and mixtures in line 22’s wow data videos.

you can see all my research and this weeks books that I’m reading  on the idea girl says youtube channel or on my blog

i filmed a bunch of food recipe videos again, and will be uploading those on either the idea girl says or idea girl consulting youtube channels (nanowrimo recipes go up on that one)


along with my tourism videos and stuff on

it’s been a fine week of sunshine to do some filming..


rode my bike for the first time in 1.5 years.

feeling achy today but wanting to go back to my plan.

5 mins a day, a few times a day, until my muscles loosen up so i can go for a ride longer, next will be 10 min segments or 7 mins depending on how much energy I can muster 🙂

cold air = low depression air quality = too hard to breathe or do anything..

I’m so exhausted I actually slept longer so that’s good right? 🙂

the only problem is, I can’t keep up with my projects if I sleep too much.

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