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busy this morning emailing various businesses about my ideas for our tourism industry to grow here in fort erie ontario canada

contacted fishin niagara, nicholl’s marine, advising them to start video blogging how to videos on youtube, to help generate business to themselves and to add some tourist attractions here for people 😉

also emailed city and fire depts about ideas for a tourism plan along the niagara river parkways

what we need is some interesting things to DRAW tourists here from niagara falls and st catharines, toronto, and since I love blogging, I’m going to make this a world wide tourism effort.

I get videos sent to me from europe so why not post our videos like they do and we’ll travel there and they can travel here?

it makes for a holiday somewhere different to see and experience new foods, culture and cuisine and even fashions.

you know what people love?

having something unique, say as a talk piece on their tables in the living room, so when they have guests over they get to share a story about it.

instead of idle gossip about neighbors (which I find happens at parties) or about their jobs, give them something else to talk about..

a cool new dish they ate at a restaurant, or something cool they say or heard about.

news spreads faster by word of mouth (okay so facebook wins hands down for gossip about an event) it’s passed around to about a million people in less than an hour.

with so many people travelling here from other cities, and having an hour to three stop time, give them something interesting to do close by..

that’s the way I look at it. 😉

I got a cool phone call from St Josephs Bakery – another project I worked on last week, finding a bakery that will service fort erie after ontario bakery closed after 40 years of business.

Joe has agreed to deliver his fabulous italian breads, buns and desserts to fort erie!

I miss his bread, we used to buy it twice a week and haven’t had bakery bread like his since…

It’s mouth watering..

He’ll be starting in the spring when our tourism season really begins here in fort erie.

So i’m working on different ideas every day and emailing people like crazy.

only some have gotten back to me, so i guess once the weather’s permissible i’m walking around and handing out my blogging card.

my youtube url’s on there and my twitter, and my main blog news too.

I usually did that on the idea girl says wordpress but this year i’m seriously video blogging almost everything then just posting it on the blog.

It’s less typing easier for me to manage. 🙂

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