megamix-dance-90s-writers-typing-tunes-rock-pop-playlist AIRL ISBE’s Generate Blue Energy Magnetic FIELDS around EArth Protect our Planet

MEGAMIX DANCE 90’s Writers Typing Tunes Rock Pop Playlist

the idea girl says

took a break from blogging and watched lots of movies and read some books (several)

I’m having a mini winter break, needed some time to think about what I want to do and how
to handle various situations in life.

I was told to center myself…

so much meditation and prayer this week, for what?

I don’t know.

I was just told to “center myself” and become calm before the storm.

we all need to do that.

we have a lot of earthquakes and volcano eruptions going on, the earth is very disturbed, including the sun and other solar storms… everything is gearing up for a war in the heavens…

the elements of earth, wind, water and fire are in battle forms..

spiritual battles will begin, and enlightenment is required to survive what is to come.

so centering one’s soul is important.

sing to the heavens outside when there’s storms, lightnings and hurricane cells over your towns.

this will vibrate the dark matter molecules and protect you.

we can strengthen our earth’s magnetic field by generating lighting storms, electric fields to build and rebuild and holes in our atmosphere.s

it’s important for all ISBE’s to tune into their inner powers, and protect earth, the ring of fire has started, we must not allow the deep freeze to take place again. we’ve been through this for millions of years.. we know now how to protect earth.. AIRL.

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