Decorating my $12.44 walmart christmas tree with lights from Dollarama for $2 Sony Cyber Shot W530 November 2011

Decorating my $12.44 walmart christmas tree with lights Sony Cyber Shot W530 November 2011

got the lights from dollarama for $2.

not bad eh? 🙂

this tree lasted until June 2012 then it died *pouts*

DSC-W530 Sony cyber Shot Digital Camera trying out the new toy

it automatically makes movies but i kept shutting off the camera to save power (that’s how i did it with my other camera) and it has all the videos in little seperate videos so i had to upload it on my pc, put it all together in windows movie maker (which dulled the picture quality) but good news this one goes up to 3200 iso so i can see stuff in a dark room with some light, my other camera only went to 1000 iso according to the user guide online

it’s pretty nice and slim

i don’t like the fact that you only have 2 hours movie recording time (not enough with a lithium battery)

it’s rechargeable, but takes 3 to 4 hours to top it back up

the girl told me about 30 mins? HAH wouldn’t it be nice to be able to super charge these and do some video editing options on your camera..

maybe there is.. just opened it up to try it out.. love the picture quality WOW my other camera is 7 pixels, this one’s 14

also i can do close ups!

or zoom 3xs from a distance.

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