Kathleen-Zakhar-literary-agent at Harold Ober Associates Inc NO to Query Solomon Middle Grade Science Fiction

Kathleen-Zakhar-literary-agent at Harold Ober Associates Inc Middle Grade Science Fiction YA Fairytales

Kathleen-Zakhar-literary-agent at Harold Ober Associates Inc Middle Grade Science Fiction YA Fairytales

the idea girl says I sent a query to her april 28 2013 and was surprised to get a response june 24 2013 almost 8 weeks.

OMG i love her query no letter!

It’s the best I’ve gotten so far and so encouraging…

First she thanks me for considering her for the solomon book 1 story and for my patience in waiting for her to reply.

She enjoyed looking at my manuscript, and likes it. She says it’s a cute story and mentions it has elements of a classic children’s book. She likes my diverse cast of characters, which she says they don’t have enough of in children’s literature.

She says much to admire, but sorry she doesn’t love it deeply as she needs to represent it.

Hmmm they all say that you know.  They WANT to fall in love with your story before offering to represent you.

So that’s probably why they say to do lots of research on them FIRST to find out what they LOVE so you can WRITE a story about what they LOVE and then you might have a bigger chance at getting representation…

She’s my favorite Literary Agent so far, due to the fact she took the time to tell me something constructive about my story….

so guess what?

I’m writing a doozy and I’m going to send it to her FIRST just because she did that for me!

I have two stories in mind that might interest her, since she loves middle grade, likes a mixture of romance, diverse characters and actually her favorites are Young Adult, both of which I’m writing.

The twist in my Cinderella story, might be the fairytale she’s looking for… we’ll have to see…

I have to finish editing the errors in it first and well, ahem, it’s summer time and it’s too hot to think. I was going to take time off from editing but now this darling girl has given me a boost of confidence, so I might go at it again.

the rejections were getting to me, even though its only been about 10 of them…

I thought this would be easier! LOL


here are the details for submission and according to her tweets she’s chatting with a few other agents I queried lol

now that’s hilarious!

I wonder if they compare our queries? 😉




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