how to make Beef Stew Club House Dinner Superbowl sports Entertaining Lunch Dinner Party Menus

how to make Beef Stew Club House Dinner Superbowl sports Entertaining Lunch Dinner Party Menus
music entertainment channel for parties:

Super Bowl Sunday is coming up and what can you make for your guests?

The Club House Beef Stew mix (grocery, corner stores carry them) makes about 4 to 6 servings. It’s got easy to follow instructions.

all you need to buy with it is 2 lbs of beef stew cubed into 1 inch pieces (deli meat market, I got mine at prime cuts (nice n tender cuts there) for about $8.50.

we used 5 potatoes (med sized) 1/2 a bag of little baby carrots chopped and a medium sized onion diced.

you can add anything you want. I used 12 cups of vegetables instead of 10 (recipe)

I used the same measuring cup (4 cups of water with the meat)

it takes about 15 mins to brown the meat

an hour to boil the meat,

than an hour to cook all the vegetables.

you need 30 mins to cut up veggies

so this was a 3 hour project..

minimal stirring, so using the microwave, and if your busy blogging, listen to a one hour writers typing tunes playlist song (on my blogs) so that you know it’s time to go to the next step.

I tend to forget that I’m cooking stuff on the stove( I burn lots) harry tries to help, but I also do my video music playlists in increments of time to cover the cooking times…

also put a note on your desk, it’s easy to get sidetracked

for times less than 30 mins, I read a chapter of a book (works for me).

this is great for anyone with memory or brain injuries as well, so if you know someone like that, share this video with them too, thanks!

this is good for a nanowrimo writer who is working on a chapter.. usually it takes us about 3 hours to put it together than type it up. (in one hour increments, then get up stretch your legs, and do the next cooking step. )

voila! a lovely meal

now with only MOI eating it (harry’s not into stew), I used 3 square containers (from dollarama) and put 3 of them in the freezer and kept one in the fridge, ate what I wanted that day, and froze the rest. use masking tape write date and contents (after awhile everything can look the same in the freezer lol).

then check out my menu planning video on how to set up a week’s menu to make life easier for yourself, especially if you work or write journalism, etc..

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