SCHOONER LIANA’S RANSOM sets sail canal days 3 aug 2013 704 pm welland canal

SCHOONER LIANA’S RANSOM sets sail canal days 3 aug 2013 704 pm welland canal


another cool looking sunset red, orange, browns harleydavidson motorcycle.. i think its for a draw..they have a car contest with $10,000 cash too by the lift bridge at lock 8 welland canal

all aboard! I get in with two other ladies and have fun crossing over the hopkins swing bridge but it’s a lift bridge now at Lock 8 welland canal it was bumpy and fun.

we made sounds so you can hear us bumping along.. ouch! 😉

the girls got off and four cute kids got on 🙂 we had fun making loud noises over the bridge aaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhh bumpity bump!

3 Aug 2013

cool motorcycles parked on the street, great detail in the designs on them, spikes on the bike custom made, very unique looking.. awesome artist!

I was laughing my ass off because the girls bike was the baddest one (the type of designs for a bad ass to like) and i’m like she’s awesome! (i think by looking at the bike she’s a tough cookie, i’ll bet she’s a cute short blonde and tiny (just guessing I have no idea who owns it, but it’s rad to see and we loved it!)

Enjoyed walking around and snapping pictures (going on my blog) and videos of all the cool things to do at the Canal Days event in Port Colborne Ontario Canada

Here’s the air dogs competition where they toss a toy into a pool and see how far a dog will jump.. the winning dog on this day jumped 24 ft! WOW!!!

I didn’tget that shot I just did a quick blip because we were in a hurry to go on the sandy beach tall ship. only to find out all trips were sold out before the event even started! everyone bought tickets online!!!

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