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Video Blogging, Filming, Community Events and Travel Tourism Niagara Regions Crystal Beach, Ridgeway, Fort Erie Ontario Canada

sept 1 2013

the idea girl says

where did august 2013 go?

it flew like a hurricane zippity in and zippity out!

I didn’t get to swim this summer, nor put my feet in a lake but I did bravely stick my toes over the splash pad in ridgeway just to feel it.

The feet are tender (diabetes causes your feet to be bruised and nerves to be extra tender) and so I only did it for a minute or two.

Harry got all wet in the fountains there, so I filmed him with his shirt off (sexy muscle chest) which I’m sure the chickies will like to see. LOL

One more week to go till our wedding!

I’ve got almost everything ready…

Taking it one day at a time.
I’ve been mostly reading romance marriage books (to get me into the mood and keep my mind of the big day so I don’t get cold feet (nervousness) about everything going on.

You know the usual disagreements with guests who like to tell you what to do for YOUR wedding….

that sort of thing.

All is ironed out, was pretty stressed out about it all.

Had some MAJOR changes in my personal life in other areas, problems that were finally solved!

other than that. I’ve continued to do the hurricane watch thanks to the early alerts website, blogging invests that are possibly going to turn into tropical storms, along with predictions for severe weather, earthquakes, solar storms and keeping an eye on the sun’s activity as it ramps up for it’s solar maxium geomagnetic storm activity on earth!


Been watching movies on TV, went out to a few films for a treat (birthday in june) and having dinner parties with the wedding crew…

no writing at all. I’ve put that aside for the time being due to this hectic schedule.

I’ve mostly been blogging all the videos and films I created (about 1500 of them) since last spring…

I’m pretty much caught up except for the IGC entertainment ca youtube account. I found a bunch on there that haven’t been posted yet.

I reached my goal of 10,000 views on the alien blog and 2,000 views on the tropical storm prediction blogs (both are about 2 months old)

so that’s great!

Did some tweeting for the alien radio signal WOW! research stuff to various people and organizations that do that sort of thing.

I still haven’t the foggiest idea if any of this stuff works, It would be NICE if someone could try the experiments then let me know if something worked.

I do thousands of hours of research and video blogging and sometimes I’d like to have a pat on the back for a job well done… but alas!

It’s more like being dedicated to electricity.

You can’t see it, but you can feel it’s effects.

I do see the odd blog post on technology that is expanding (as the wow signal data shows what we can make they blog they’ve discovered it – weird or what?)

so that’s the ultimate goal, to see our technology advance in a way we never thought possible – outside the box. 🙂

the video blogging is up on the idea girl says youtube channel this year (working on building subscribers and views on it)


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