11 cruising victoria ave to ferry rd Niagara Falls Ontario Canada honeymoon 10 sept 2013 517 pm edt

11 cruising victoria ave to ferry rd Niagara Falls Ontario Canada honeymoon 10 sept 2013 517 pm edt


Video blogging our wedding and honeymoon which began sept 5 2013.

wedding was sept 7 2013.

this is sept 10 2013 when we went for a walk along clifton hill niagara falls ontario canada, and enjoyed the sights and sounds, then headed down the escarpment, riding an elevator 14 storeys down to theniagara river to the maid of the mist ferry boat tour, cost $20 each, they DO NOT ACCEPT DEBIT cards. only mastercard, visa or cash!

(pain in the arse about that!!!!)

The rain coats flip all over from the winds, both of us was soaked down inside them but then we stood at the FRONT of the hull to feel the HUGE waves. 🙂

SO much fun!

videos’ of different things, a pretty rainbow by the USA buffalo newyork falls? or is it niagara falls new york? not sure. lol

anyways it’s fun, a 15 min adventure for $40 Canadian Funds 10 Sept 2013.

We dont’ mind the price, it’s worth every penny!

we stopped in ridgeway to our favorite pizzeria for some homemade crust, sauce and the best fresh ingriedients!

awesome taste.

then to some shopping… 🙂

linny shopped for a few days for things for our apt, to update all the OLD ratty stuff, and get new things, a new home for a new marriage. 🙂
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