Microsoft Word Document Files Help Videos – Youtube Facebook Cover Photo Art, How to Video Playlist Idea Girl Canada

Microsoft Office Word Help - YouTube idea girl canada linda randall the idea girl says black dotted lines mind mapping tool bar pen text drawing word 2007 edit youtube channel art pics

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Microsoft Office Word Help – YouTube idea girl canada linda randall the idea girl says black dotted lines mind mapping tool bar pen text drawing word 2007 edit youtube channel art pics

check out the new playlist with videos showing you step by step how to trouble shoot a problem with microsoft word files and documents, and youtube, facebook cover photos and art work for your home pages –

Microsoft Office Word Help – Youtube Tips – Idea Girl Canada Channel

the idea girl says

it’s a small list of the many videos I’ve created on a playlist on Idea Girl Canada – Youtube – my new travel blog business sense and ideas web tv show.

yes it’s a spin off from the idea girl says youtube channel where I do book reviews, video blog my travels around the niagara region ontario canada and filming projects that I do for local community events, and businesses that have recently opened or do not have much of a web prescence. I make sure they are on Facebook, Yelp and I tweet them under #travel #tourism #ontario #canada #forterie #ridgeway #crystalbeach #stevensville etc..

I created Idea Girl Canada Oct 11, 2013 – youtube and wordpress travel blog, to rebrand myself.

I didn’t like ideagirlconsulting anymore, and I still have the IGC Entertainment Canada (to attend musical community events and get a Press Pass in order to film or do interviews (that didn’t take off too well due to health issues) so I decided, since I’m the idea girl on wordpress and twitter, I’ll just expand that concept and make it Idea Girl Canada!

So I can really do what I’ve always wanted – travel blog.

Photos, films and my own project ideas for content, I travel around to local community events, and blog about them. My goal is to generate a better tourism industry for Fort Erie, Ontario, Canada. I started that project a year ago in 2012 and I am still going strong…

thank you for your continued support in passing on my videos and blog posts to your friends, family, co workers and to all my international guests, welcome to my Ontario Canada blog! 🙂

As some of you know, I do submissions for music, travel and cool stuff from youtube in the fall and winter months. I’m behind on the submissions call due to the lovely balmy warm weather we’ve been experiencing here in fort erie ontario canada. I’ve managed to film many projects, and haven’t had the TIME to do much else.

I’ll be slowing down on the filming once the cold weather sets in, and I might do a few things here and there, that’s when i need outside content videos – professional looking, no swearing and I love new artists, art works, authors and entertainment news to promote to my social network of film producers that follow my tweets looking for music and places to film on my various platforms. 🙂

As always I write a post like this a few times a year, because I’ve gotten a few hundred more followers and since they might not be aware of all my projects I’m letting them know!

thanks for passing this blog on around the world! CHEERS!

here is the microsoft youtube help blog post:


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