Teresa Santa Turtles Choc Gift Bag for Linda Randall n Harry

Teresa Santa Turtles Choc Gift Bag for Linda Randall n Harry

the idea girl says
teresa from community house gave me a lovely gift.

thanks for the turtles! we gobbled them up within 24 hrs lol

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filmed dec 24, 25, 26, 2013 – christmas 2013 in fort erie at Linda Randall Chisholm & Harold Chisholm’s house.

Family time with Tim tenbrinke, jeff tenbrinke (amplify this sound music group), sara steeves,

Thanks to everyone for the lovely gifts. We had a blast with our boys, doing sesame street impressions – cookie monster, grover, miss piggy, kermit the frog, count dracula and harry’s with his cane ( by tim) my sons. 😉

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