NIFF MUSIC FILM ARTS HOCKEy ICE SKATING BALL Hockey lacrosse Leisure Plex Fort Erie Ontario Canada Film Shoot

1600 seats in kinsmen arena winter, summer festivals fort erie ontario canada linda randall

1600 seats Kinsmen arena Leisureplex Fort Erie Ontario Canada linda randall

comfy chairs 500 people Leisureplex Lions Dining Hall Fort Erie Ontario Canada Linda Randall

the idea girl says

on jan 21, 2014 I did a film, photo project in Fort Erie ontario canada.

as part of my fort erie projects I was looking at the Leisureplex to see if it can be used for future NIFF niagara integrated film festivals or other festivals for music, arts, film, craft shows and sporting events.

the one arena Jaycee has ice all the time with bleachers (for year round practice -good exercise for clubs, school events and public events)

the other kinsmen arena only has ice during the winter season (hockey games), and the ice is removed for summer events for ball hockey and lacrosse, possible festival events for future consideration.

It has 1600 individual seats, and with ice removed more seats, tables can be added for an event.

there’s also the lions club banquet hall that holds up to 500 people with tables, chairs, not sure what the amount is with no tables… but it’s a HUGE room!

see more details about this venue on idea girl canada wordpress (just go to search box and type in leisureplex to find all the details there)

ice is removed in summer kinsmen arena leisureplex fort erie ontario canada seats 1600 people plus linda randall

Lions Club Hall Fort Erie Ontario Canada 500 seats Leisureplex music film stage linda randall

Lions Club Hall Leisure Plex Fort Erie Seats 500 Ontario Canada Linda Randall

madison's pub inside fort erie leisureplex kinsmen arena fort erie ontario canada linda randall

other arena standing bleachers only fort erie (ice stays year round for skating) ontario canada linda randall

seats 500 Leisureplex Banquet Hall Fort Erie Ontario Canada Linda Randall

spectator seating area over kinsmen arena 1600 seats fort erie ontario canada linda randall

table chairs viewing room over two arena's (one you stand around, the other has 1600 seats fort erie ontario canada)

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