How to build powerful self-confidence – Master your psychology -By Luke Havard

How to build powerful self-confidence – Master your psychology -By Luke Havard

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stepping out of my comfort zone , looking into promoting festivals, not only as a blogger, but getting into the nitty gritty of how they are set up and everything, then learning from it and expanding it with the ideas that I have coming to mind.

working on promoting NIFF niagara integrated film festival was really out of my comfort zone

did a few major bloopers with business people and cannot explain to them, it’s the brain injury causing problems with my communication skills

i got embarrassed about it and kind of withdrew from everything

now i’m peeking out like a turtle from her little shell and trying again. 🙂

i’m getting some online pep talks from youtube, thanks to these people that take the time to share their golden nuggets with us!

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Learn the most advance strategies for feeling confident visit luke havard’s coaching blog for more details.


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