Video Blogging alien Radio Signal WOW! 230,719 views 254 subscribers on the idea girl says youtube channel!

Video Blogging alien Radio Signal WOW! 230,719 views 254 subscribers on the idea girl says youtube channel!

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Thanks to everyone sharing my research videos I’m up to 230,719 views (as of feb 8, 2014 as you can see it’s grown by 7,000 since then..)

I am learning all sorts of cool things by looking at the keywords found in the WOW! signal – an alien radio signal received by the Big Ear Telescopes – NASA and SETI in August 15, 1977 and named by DR. Jerry R Ehman!

Thanks to his 6EQUJ5 signal and the binary coded data, i’ve found math equations, that are leading to keywords that so far have shown us, the HIGGS Boson Particle (proven by CERN June 2012), AIR LIft – for magnetic forces using air to lift up a jet propulsion system that has recycling fuels in it. The space elevator concept using these same forces to go straight up from Earth out into orbit. and NOW in Feb 2014,were finding out how Euclid and Archemedes, show us how to cut across orbits in space. 😉

Stay tuned, there’s lots more goodies for us to learn, and draw from, so we can develop new “alien technologies” for our future in Space Exploration, Health Issues for our Astronauts (this is in the WOW data formula’s in the earlier videos from lines 1 to 20) and I’m STILL on LIne 22 (have been for 2.5 years now and believe me when I say we have another thousand or more videos coming for that topic!)

I think it’s because all you physics, scientists and students for the past 30 to 50 years, have been doing experiments, and many that we find say use “unknown”

Well the Mayan Calendar says that life will change and so will technology after 2012, and I can see that it’s speeding up (were going to LEARN how to do things faster than ever before!) – I forgot we have a formula for quantum logic gates, and faster computers now, i hope they work! 😉


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