To Trust A Stranger – Author Anne Hewland Book Review Linda Randall

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apr 2, 2014

I enjoyed this linford romance book, it was full of mystery, suspense and adventure.

the author anne hewland writes very good character personality traits and conflicts and it wasnt lovey dovey in fact it was man vs woman which made it kind of comical and brought lots of smiles. this is a page turner, so beware if you’re pressed for time, save this for the night reads or snack, and meals reads (I had a daily 4 dose of it until I finished it.)

I’m not going to post the pics anymore because it is using up too much space and i’m running out so I’ll have to do things differently or have to start a whole new website all over again!

something I’ve done 14 times, ergo the 14 wordpress blogs lol

yesterday I took some time to tell more people about the #NIFF Niagara Integrated Film Festival and asked them to become volunteers to hand out flyers in the Ridgeway, Fort Erie areas. possibly crystal beach.

It will be an educational time with each person letting them know about the festival and how they can help to make it a success.

Even if they are not a “filmy” type person, they can still help to get this up and running because in the end – once we start it as a year round venue it’s going to generate lots of jobs in the niagara region in the tourism industry.


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