Writing Editing King Solomon Stories Rewriting Endings and Filling in Gaps in the Manuscript 17 Apr 2014

the idea girl says

I did my fourth final read and edits for the King Solomon story and I’ve jotted down my next mind maps for book 2!

I’ve come up with an idea to do three books for this series, which is something I normally do when i write stories.

I have tons of research material that hasn’t been used yet so I can add more of that in the next two books.

Book one will be presented at #PD14 #promodayevent2014 on 31 May 2014 online to some publishers.

I’m also going to Query that one agent Rachael who was interested in the story but doesn’t publish chapter books.

I am hoping she didn’t send me a generated letter about it.

The email said it went to the senior editors of the Literary Agency so I am assuming she loved the story but they didn’t want a Chapter Book.

I’ve added some more “spice” to the story as i have combined four chapter books into one long manuscript.

The chapter book titles are staying intact and instead of having Chapters 1 to 4, I’ll have the books titles as my Chapter headings.

It’s in its final stretch but I did some rewriting today for 4 hours and added over 3,000 words.


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