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26 Apr 2014

Hello my dear readers!

Many of you have stuck by me through my difficult years with my brain injury.

True I tend to repeat myself over and over again but that cannot be helped.

It’s a medical condition.

As for the negative commentor on #PD14 saying they cannot take #PROMODAY2014 on 31 May 2014 seriously because my BLOG will be killed by Google SEO filters?

I beg to differ my dear.

I just looked at the Stats.

That program rolled out in 2012.

True my views went down from 800,000 a month to 5,000 and thanks to you I know why now!

I appreciate you giving us a heads up, but it wasn’t necessary for you to say you don’t take it seriously.

That sounded like a personal attack on me as a person?

Besides, there’s tons of “professional” presenters, best selling authors and award winning bloggers in this seminar and I hate to tell you this, but you just made a complete fool of yourself before millions of my and their readers.

It’s a good thing you signed yourself as anonymous.

But then again, IP addresses are easy to trace and knowing you as I do.

I can tell that you have a chip on y our shoulder.

I am sorry if I don’t appeal to you as a writer, I am assuming that you are judgmental about my disability!

Which of course you cannot help because your life is written for all to see.

You have nothing better to do in life, then write caustic, derogatory comments on people’s blogs to make others look bad because that’s how you feel about yourself.

It’s a proven fact that bashers on the internet tend to write nothing but negative comments because they hate their life.

I advise you to change yours, become happy, do things you love to do, and you will become a happier person!

That is what I want you to do, make yourself a happier person.

Let all the bitterness in your heart go before it turns into cancer in your body and makes you die an early death. (this is a proven scientific fact, people that hold bitterness towards others die from terminal diseases.)

Also remember, your KARMA. By inflicting and saying negative things about others, this will come back and people, friends and family will begin to attack you, just as you attack others…

So learn to be happy, forgive and get over being the “critic” that you are.

This world will be a better place if you do.

If you don’t. You can bet your boots that you will be in a casket within the next 2 years, after succumbing to that negative seed that is growing in your body as we speak….


read about what anger and bitterness does to your health here:


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