WOW! Signal SETI DATA Research is Done! 27 Apr 2014 Lines 1 to 27 Completed.

the idea girl says

I did pull some of line 22’s data as per AIRL not wanting to expand the data for the wormholes until her scientists that are missing from the malaysia flight 370 from march 8 2014 are returned safe and sound to their homes, fully and mentally intact.

She’s hoping they will be kept safe where they are and get back home to their families and that the hijackers will be happy with what they have so far…

The Wow! alien radio signal data is completed as of 1030 pm edt on 27 Apr 2014.

I have 45 more videos to film and get up before the end of march.

On march 31, 2014 I’m doing the #PD14 #promodayevent and want to finish filming the rest of my videos sharing my “blogging” success stories with you.

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