Writing Uploading #PD14 to the idea girl says youtube set to Private 11 May 2014 – linda randall Google SEO Tips for Bloggers

linda randall with li becky easter party community house 17 apr 2014

linda randall with li becky easter party community house 17 apr 2014

linda randall with li becky easter party community house 17 apr 2014



the idea girl says

I’ve uploaded all 7 videos for the Google SEO Tips for Bloggers for the 31 May 2014 #PD14 #promodayevent on my idea girl says youtube channel.

I’m getting rid of  my internet (cannot afford it anymore) and going to save up for a laptop so I can take advantage of free WiFii while I am out and about.

The plan is to buy  a camera that will directly upload to youtube and use a laptop to do blogging or use the public computers where ever I am to do some blogging.

I did it this way YEARS ago when I wanted to cut my costs.

I have to do less blogging now, as per my health.

I have a problem with my legs EDEMA swelling badly when I sit at the desk so i’m giving up my passion and going to work on getting some of this weight off me and change my legs so they don’t hurt so much any more.

I’ve been dealing with the pain for years and I’m tired of it, so I’m getting therapy (got some great exercises to do) and taking a break from everything and I’m going to be busy doing some other projects.

I’ll be still doing my volunteer blogging for several organizations and i’ll take pictures and films of the various events, and then i’ll blog the videos that I upload.

The pictures have taken up 75% of my blog and I dont have money to pay for one, so in order for this not to cost me anymore, i’m just going to upload youtube videos from now on.

Promo Day Event it on 31 May 2014.

I’ll be posting my stuff earlier in the forum there using public computers.

the videos are set to private for now, i’ll make them public after may 26th 2014.

(hopefully i wont forget!)

im not sure if i’ll be in the forums on promo day due to circumstances beyond my control, im cancelling my internet and phone (it’s cutting out constantly and I’m fed up with cogeco sending tech’s 6 times and still not fixing it right!) So it’s adios to Cogeco!

its the wiring in this old place that’s not working.

in fact everyone that lives here has cell phones. we did before but cannot get a signal lol

murphys law eh? 😉

As for the manuscript I got ready for #PD14 i’m debating about whether to enter it.

I posted it on webook and all i got was this writer needs more experience writing lol

I’ve been writing for 5 years plus!

They don’t understand that the way i’m writing my novels is for a new market that i am probably going to have to develop on my own.

Yep i think i’ll have to do self publishing.

They find it too much of a risk to do something “new” in  concepts.

But I think it will be a winner should I connect with the RIGHT people and groups. 😉

I’m a talented sales and marketing person with oodles of years of experience in dealing with the public.

One of my key factors was to go and find ways to sell to new customers for the companies I worked for years ago.

So I think i’ll go that route with my stories.

I have an idea that i’ll share in the future!

So yes I am taking time off from blogging (I’ll do it every now and then to say hello or if something cool comes up)

and I’ll let you know when the youtube video blogging takes over!

that might be my best option in the future!

see ya soon, have a nice summer and happy mothers day!

Linda Randall

aka – the idea girl 😉



the videos and notes will be featured here when I add them into the forum for #PD14 after may 26,2014.


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