#PD Promo Day Event on Today 31 May 2014 – Google SEO Tips for Bloggers – Linda Randall – the idea girl says

#PD14 #promodayevent 31 May 2014 presenters

#PD14 #promodayevent 31 May 2014 presenters

#PD14 #promodayevent 31 May 2014 presenters

the idea girl says

join me with hundreds of others as we log in and use the forums (FREE) on Promo Day Event to learn about writing queries, cover letters, finding a literary agent, getting published, self publishing, writing a film script, directing and producing films without an agent.

Several Professionals in different literary, film and Entertainment careers will be there to answer your questions.

We also have a few publishing companies wanting to hear the pitch to your manuscripts and possibly offer you a chance to become a published author…

Come on over to #PD14 🙂

click here, register (you will not be spammed or anything, it’s just so you can log in and chat) see you there!


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