Linda Randall June 2014 Author idea girl canada photo

Linda Randall June 2014 Author idea girl canada

Linda Randall June 2014 Author idea girl canada

Linda Randall June 2014 Author idea girl canada

the idea girl says

busy summer instead of having time off ive been blogging for a couple of weeks now because I took over 600 photos/ videos from 3 community events including #NIFF2014 Niagara Film Fest, KUBB Niagara at Fort Erie Friendship Festival, Ribfest at Niagara Falls and a fourth one – the howling horns at the ridgeway legion for ribfest july 5 and 6 2014.

i’m done for filming the major stuff, I just have to get a pic of the new buses in fort erie and then I’m going to clean out my office and work on a new film project that I want to make.

I’m putting my writing aside now for a bit. I did start to write book 2 for the King Solomon Stories in case the publisher wanted it.

I haven’t heard back from the publisher since i put in a request to change their contract to the things they agreed to in an email to do… hmmmmm….

all the pictures are up on facebook (good ones) the rest are on my blog idea girl canada wordpress and video blog the idea girl says youtube channel

the usual cost is $80 at walmart for an author photo
we got a promo free 10×13 and she offered me this on a CD for $25 plus tax!
So now I FINALLY have a good author pic of myself for future publishings.. 🙂

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