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kongos alternative rock songs music videos the idea girl says

kongos alternative rock songs music videos the idea girl says

kongos alternative rock songs music videos the idea girl says

Kongos-south african alternative music songs videos the idea girl says writers typing tunes playlist

** please write a message on their wall if you heard them for the first time on “the idea girl canada’s music blogs ** this will let them know we are expanding their songs over North America and other International Places that might not have heard their cool Alternative Rock – Catchy tunes!

the idea girl says

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South African Alternative Rock Music
Album Lunatic found today online while looking at NEW bands on youtube.

Found their music videos extremely entertaining, can’t wait till they make more for their other songs…

They are going on KONGOS Lunatic TOUR in 2015.. see show details and ticket information here:


I’ve created a Karaoke Music Alternative Rock Playlist for NEW YEARS EVE 2014/2015 Party Playlist on both of my music blogs.

on idea girl consulting and LinkedIn i’ve picked out a song I know will make a good soundtrack for a #DIVA or #WWE #wrestler or a #sports clip in a film, movie for teens, college or university students. With a recommendation. They are in south africa, I am in Canada. I found them purely by chance and now I’m blogging and promoting their youtube videos on my music blogs. With the message, let’s give them 2,000,000 views on my facebook with a challenge to pass it on!

I know lots of people love to sing karaoke at parties so this is some new songs they may not have heard yet here in Canada. Their market seems to be in the USA and in Europe. But in USA only 120,000 CD sales, so it’s fairly new, yet they are at platinum status due to their international sales. 🙂 Time to help them expand more into the North American Market.. That’s where my blogging comes in, and not my social network can expand this song.

I noticed that meghan’s song (the one I blogged last week) was on our radio stations this week, I hadn’t heard it before.. so not sure if it’s because I blogged it and passed it around or not. hope so! that’s my goal to help you reach your dreams… in the music, movie and film Industries… (as a part time hobby)

check out the blog posts here, with the lyrics to the songs so you can sing along….



most of the playlist will be on the idea girl says wordpress blog…

happy new year and see you soon in jan 2015!

thanks to everyone for reading and sharing my blogs around the world, it is much appreciated! 🙂

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